Natural Resources Committee
March 16, 1999-2:00P  

SB 513
   FOR:     Cornelius, Lester (Optical Technology Corporation -
                        President), Oyster Bay, NY

            Gutierrez, Amador (Goodland Co. - Owner), Brownsville

            Judge, Patricia (Recharger Magazine - Executive Editor), Las
                        Vegas, NV

            Nobles, Warren (Quality Business Solutions - Owner), Mesquite

            Wendt, Mike (Texas Association of Cartridge Remanufacturers -
                        President), El Paso

   AGAINST: Kunz, Richard (Lexmark International, Inc. - Counsel),
                        Lexington, KY

            Schmidt, Thomas (Lexmark International, Inc. - General Manager
                        - Juarez plant), El Paso

   ON:      Treadway, Tom (General Services Commission - Executive
                        Director), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Cowman, Robert (TonerPlus, Inc. - Marketing Director), Austin

            Font, Rosette (Lasertone, Owner), Houston

            Fulmer, Mark (Alpha Laser Recharge, Inc. - President), Houston

            Gordon, Ronald (Gordon's Office Service - Owner), Bryan

            Graesser, David (Full Service Toner Supply, Inc. - President),

            Jessup, Charles (Alpha Laser's / Texas Association Cartridge
                        Remanufacturers), Meadows Place

            Nobles, Cynthia (Quality Business Solutions - Owner), Mesquite

            Thompson, Rickey (Southwestern Laser - President), Houston

            Wendt, Judy (Laser Tech,  Owner), El Paso

   Against: Lang, Betsy (Lexmark International - GM Worldwide Supplies
                        Marketing), Lexington, KY

   On:      Schlimper, Paul (General Services Commission - Special
                        Projects Manager), Austin

SB 707
   FOR:     Glacken, Pamela (Association of Electric Companies of Texas -
                        Member Company), Dallas

   ON:      MacRae, J. Rollin (Texas Parks & Wildlife Department -
                        Wetlands Conservation), Austin

            Shinkawa, Paul (Texas Parks & Wildlife Department - counsel),

   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Grover, Jim (Sprint - Regulatory Manager), Austin

SB 873
   FOR:     Baker, Pamela (Environmental Defense Fund - Fisheries
                        Biologist), Austin

            Lowerre, Richard (Aransas County and Texas Shrimp
                        Association), Austin

            Turner, Franklin (Coalition for the Protection of Copano Bay -
                        Chairman), Rockport

   ON:      Hubert, Martin (Department of Agriculture - Deputy
                        Commissioner), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Alvarez, Raul (Sierra Club - Lone Star Chapter), Austin

            Ingram, Dick (Coastal Conservation Association - Attorney),

   On:      King, Jack (Texas Parks & Wildlife Department), Austin

            Ray, Michael (Texas Parks & Wildlife Department), Austin

            Silcox, Raenell (Texas Parks & Wildlife Department -
                        attorney), Austin

            Weber, Tom (TNRCC - Manager/Standards & Assessment), Austin

SB 874
   ON:      Patton, Daniel (Texas Parks & Wildlife Department -
                        Infrastructure Division), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Doran, Judith (Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept. - Attorney), Austin