Border Affairs - Special Committee
September 28, 2000-8:30A  

interim charges
   On:      Alen, Dr. Maria (Texas Diabetes Council), McAllen

            Anzaldua, Dr. Mario (Texas Department of Health), Mission

            Archer, Dr. William (Texas Department of Health), Austin

            Currie, Don (Community Development Corporation of
                        Brownsville), Brownsville

            Guerra, John (AT&T Consumer Services), Dallas

            Lopez, David (Southwestern Bell Telephone), Austin

            Marquez, Rosa (Tesoro Medical Care P.A.), Laredo

            Ocanas, Reymundo (Texas Association of Community Development
                        Corporations), Austin

            Pelly, Dr. Lorenzo (self), Brownsville

            Simmons, Neal (Cameron County Home Builders and Developers
                        Association), Brownsville

            Trevino, Dr. Victor (Tesoro Medical Care P.A.), Laredo

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Cabello, Homero (Texas Department of Housing and Community
                        Affairs), Austin

            Johnson, Byran (Texas Department of Housing and Community
                        Affairs), Austin