Windham School District, Select Committee
June 20, 2000-1:00P

Cognitive Intervention
    On:       Cox, Brian A. (Windham School District)

Education & Post Release Employment
    On:       Eisenberg, Michael (Texas Criminal Justice Policy
              Fabelo, Ph.D., Dr. Tony (Texas Criminal Justice Policy

Faculty Issues
    On:       Ali, Kay (Self)
              O'Sullivan, John (Texas Federation of Teachers)

Overview of Windham School Dist.
    On:       Morrow, Mike (Windham School District)
              Young, Carole S. (Texas Board of Criminal Justice)

Project RIO
    On:       Ellison, Burt (Texas Workforce Commission)
              Haley, Leonard (Self)
              Mathis, Eddie (Self)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Carlson Reed, Cassie (Texas Workforce Commission)

Vocational Education
    For:      Jennings, James O. (Self and Kellogg-Brown & Root)
    On:       Haynes, Marjie (Windham School District)