Amend CSHB 2807 as follows:
      (1) On page 2, line 16, between "entities" and "to", insert
the following: ", which may include a county indigent health care
      (2) On page 3, line 3, strike "The Texas Department of
Health" and substitute "The Health and Human Services Commission".
      (3) On page 3, line 9, between "725,000" and the period,
insert the following: ", and may include local funds made available
through a county indigent health care program".
      (4) On page 3, between lines 9 and 10, insert the following:
      (h) The Health and Human Services Commission shall appoint an
advisory committee to assist the commission and the Texas
Department of Health in establishing and implementing the
demonstration project.  The advisory committee must include health
care providers and local government officials.
      (5) On page 3, line 10, strike "(h)" and substitute "(i)".
      (6) On page 3, line 19, strike "(i)" and substitute "(j)".