Amend CSHB 3343 (senate committee printing) as follows:
      (1)  Insert between SECTIONS 4.09 and 4.10 of the bill (page
17, between lines 47 and 48) the following appropriately numbered
section and renumber the subsequent sections of Article 4 of the
bill accordingly:
      SECTION _____.  Section 825.512, Government Code, is amended
by adding Subsection (f) to read as follows:
      (f)  Based on the annual investment performance report
submitted by the retirement system under this section, the
Legislative Budget Board, not later than January 1 of each year,
shall submit to the governor, lieutenant governor, and speaker of
the house of representatives a report on the use of the 401(h)
account established under Subchapter J, Chapter 824.  The report
must include:
            (1)  a projection of how long the 401(h) account may be
continued to be used as a source of funding for retiree health care
benefits; and
            (2)  if the projection indicates that the 401(h)
account will not be able to be used as a funding source for at
least 10 years, recommendations regarding additional funding
sources available to replace the funding from the 401(h) account.
      (2)  In SECTION 7.01 of the bill, in Subsection (c), strike
"4.11" (page 24, line 56) and substitute "4.12".