By Naishtat                                           H.B. No. 1004
         77R3292 KKA-D                           
                                A BILL TO BE ENTITLED
 1-1                                   AN ACT
 1-2     relating to the work or employment activities required under the
 1-3     temporary assistance for needy families program.
 1-5           SECTION 1. Subchapter D, Chapter 301, Labor Code, is amended
 1-6     by adding Section 301.0675 to read as follows:
 1-9     rule shall determine the work or employment activities in which a
1-10     person must participate to comply with Section 31.012, Human
1-11     Resources Code.
1-12           (b)  In adopting rules under this section, the commission
1-13     shall provide for a broad array of permissible work or employment
1-14     activities designed to:
1-15                 (1)  assist a person in entering the workforce and
1-16     becoming self-supporting;
1-17                 (2)  address and remove any barrier that prevents a
1-18     person from entering the workforce and becoming self-supporting;
1-19     and
1-20                 (3)  exercise all flexibility in permissible work or
1-21     employment activities authorized by federal law.
1-22           (c)  The rules must provide for at least the following
1-23     permissible work or employment activities:
1-24                 (1)  unsubsidized employment;
 2-1                 (2)  subsidized private or public sector employment;
 2-2                 (3)  work experience, including work associated with
 2-3     the refurbishing of publicly assisted housing;
 2-4                 (4)  on-the-job training;
 2-5                 (5)  job search and job readiness assistance, including
 2-6     activities designed to address and remove barriers to employment,
 2-7     such as counseling and other services relating to mental health,
 2-8     substance abuse, or family violence;
 2-9                 (6)  participation in a community service program;
2-10                 (7)  vocational education training that prepares a
2-11     person for employment in an existing or emerging occupation that
2-12     does not require a baccalaureate or advanced degree;
2-13                 (8)  secondary and postsecondary education;
2-14                 (9)  training in job skills that are directly related
2-15     to employment;
2-16                 (10)  education leading to a high school equivalency
2-17     certificate or directly related to employment if the person does
2-18     not have a high school diploma or high school equivalency
2-19     certificate;
2-20                 (11)  instruction in English as a second language;
2-21                 (12)  the provision of child-care services to a person
2-22     participating in a community service program; and
2-23                 (13)  another activity described by Section 31.0125,
2-24     31.0126, or 31.0135, Human Resources Code.
2-25           (d)  A person may comply with Section 31.012, Human Resources
2-26     Code, through participation in job search and job readiness
2-27     assistance activities as provided by Subsection (c)(5) for an
 3-1     unlimited period, except that the commission may impose a time
 3-2     limit if the person fails to comply with:
 3-3                 (1)  a requirement imposed in connection with the
 3-4     person's employability plan, including any requirement that the
 3-5     person participate in an activity designed to remove a barrier to
 3-6     employment and make progress toward removal of the barrier; or
 3-7                 (2)  any other requirement generally applicable to the
 3-8     person.
 3-9           (e)  A person may comply with Section 31.012, Human Resources
3-10     Code, through participation in vocational education training as
3-11     provided by Subsection (c)(7) for not more than one year, unless
3-12     the person demonstrates that the person is making progress, as
3-13     defined by commission rules, toward the person's employment goals.
3-14           (f)  Notwithstanding Subsection (c)(7), the commission may on
3-15     a case-by-case basis permit a person to comply with Section 31.012,
3-16     Human Resources Code, by completing vocational education training
3-17     designed to result in an associate, baccalaureate, or advanced
3-18     degree if the training was previously initiated by the person.  The
3-19     commission may allow a period for completion of the training that
3-20     exceeds one year if the person demonstrates that the person is
3-21     making progress, as defined by commission rules, toward the
3-22     person's employment goals.
3-23           SECTION 2.  This Act takes effect immediately.