By Deshotel                                           H.B. No. 2712
         77R7169 JMM-D                           
                                A BILL TO BE ENTITLED
 1-1                                   AN ACT
 1-2     relating to the establishment of a pilot program by the Texas
 1-3     Workforce Commission for life-skills training.
 1-5           SECTION 1. Subchapter D, Chapter 301, Labor Code, is amended
 1-6     by adding Section 301.0673 to read as follows:
 1-7           Sec. 301.0673.  PILOT PROGRAM:  LIFE-SKILLS TRAINING. (a)
 1-8     The commission by rule shall establish and implement a pilot
 1-9     program under which the commission shall provide competitive grants
1-10     to persons providing life-skills training as described by this
1-11     section for adults and dislocated workers.
1-12           (b)  A recipient of a grant under this section must be
1-13     providing the training in an area of the state that has an
1-14     unemployment rate of at least two times the state average.
1-15           (c)  A person who receives a grant for a life-skills training
1-16     course under this section must provide training that includes:
1-17                 (1)  short-term prevocational skills, including the
1-18     development of learning skills, communication skills, interviewing
1-19     skills, punctuality, personal maintenance skills, and professional
1-20     conduct, designed to prepare a person for unsubsidized employment
1-21     or training;
1-22                 (2)  job readiness training;
1-23                 (3)  entrepreneurial training;
1-24                 (4)  training in teamwork and self-advocacy;
 2-1                 (5)  education regarding personal health;
 2-2                 (6)  training in money management;
 2-3                 (7)  information on the availability of community
 2-4     resources; and
 2-5                 (8)  training in managing the responsibilities of
 2-6     working and parenthood.
 2-7           (d)  Not later than December 1 of each year, the commission
 2-8     shall submit a report to the governor and the members of the
 2-9     legislature regarding the status and results of the pilot program.
2-10           (e)  This section expires September 1, 2005.
2-11           SECTION 2. This Act takes effect September 1, 2001.