By Thompson                                          H.C.R. No. 302
         77R17314 QS-D                           
                             HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION
 1-1           WHEREAS, House Bill No. 689 has been adopted by the house of
 1-2     representatives and the senate and is being prepared for
 1-3     enrollment; and
 1-4           WHEREAS, The bill contains a technical error that should be
 1-5     corrected;  now, therefore, be it
 1-6           RESOLVED by the 77th Legislature of the State of Texas, That
 1-7     the enrolling clerk of the house of representatives be instructed
 1-8     to correct House Bill No. 689 on page 2, line 7, by striking
 1-9     "[(a)]" and substituting "(a)".