1-1           WHEREAS, Colby Donaldson of Dallas recently claimed second
 1-2     place on the hit television series Survivor II:  The Australian
 1-3     Outback, and while he lost the million-dollar first prize, he won
 1-4     the hearts of millions across the nation as they followed him on
 1-5     his highly publicized adventure; and
 1-6           WHEREAS, Born in San Angelo in 1974, Mr. Donaldson is a
 1-7     fifth-generation Texan whose love of the state is surpassed only by
 1-8     his love of his family, which includes parents Gary Donaldson and
 1-9     Gay McMillan Donaldson, grandparents L. H. and Roberta McMillan and
1-10     the late E. G. and Clara Mae Donaldson, and older brother Reid
1-11     Donaldson; and
1-12           WHEREAS, Spending many of his formative years in the small
1-13     town of Christoval, this accomplished athlete was a valued member
1-14     of the Christoval High School tennis, golf, basketball, and
1-15     football teams and was actively involved with the school's student
1-16     council and Beta Club; he attended Texas Tech University, where he
1-17     was a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, and shortly after
1-18     graduating in 1996, he founded Bravo One Performance, a company
1-19     specializing in custom four-wheel-drive vehicles; and
1-20           WHEREAS, The CBS series challenged participants to spend 42
1-21     days in the most volatile terrain that Australia has to offer,
1-22     carving out an existence from the available resources while
1-23     establishing a cooperative society and avoiding the many perils of
1-24     outback living; chosen from more than 50,000 applicants,
 2-1     Mr. Donaldson embarked on his adventure in the company of 15 other
 2-2     contestants, all hoping to avoid banishment by their peers at the
 2-3     group's tribal council and vying for the large cash prize presented
 2-4     to the lone survivor; and
 2-5           WHEREAS, Continually demonstrating the strength and integrity
 2-6     for which Texans are renowned, Mr. Donaldson gained the respect of
 2-7     his competition through his numerous victories and humble attitude;
 2-8     in addition, by bringing an enormous Texas flag as his one luxury
 2-9     item, he provided a roof to shelter his "tribe," while also
2-10     providing a silent salute to his Lone Star heritage; and
2-11           WHEREAS, The front-runner until the very end, he showed his
2-12     depth of character when he chose to enter the final round with Tina
2-13     Wesson, a worthy competitor, rather than seal his position as the
2-14     winner by selecting a less challenging opponent, again displaying
2-15     his commitment to his conscience and his word; and
2-16           WHEREAS, Quoted as saying, "When I wake up in the morning,
2-17     there's two things I'm thankful for:  I'm thankful I'm alive and
2-18     I'm thankful I'm a Texan," this exceptional young man is a source
2-19     of great pride to citizens of the Lone Star State and is most
2-20     deserving of our praise and recognition; now, therefore, be it
2-21           RESOLVED, That the 77th Legislature of the State of Texas
2-22     hereby designate May 24, 2001, as Colby Donaldson Day and extend to
2-23     Mr. Donaldson sincere best wishes for continued success in all of
2-24     his future endeavors; and, be it further
2-25           RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
2-26     prepared for Mr. Donaldson as an expression of high regard by the
2-27     Texas House of Representatives and Senate.
         _______________________________     _______________________________
             President of the Senate              Speaker of the House
               I certify that H.C.R. No. 304 was adopted by the House on May
         24, 2001, by a non-record vote.
                                                 Chief Clerk of the House
               I certify that H.C.R. No. 304 was adopted by the Senate on
         May 24, 2001, by a viva-voce vote.
                                                 Secretary of the Senate
         APPROVED:  __________________________