By Janek                                             H.C.R. No. 322
         77R17911 YDB-D                           
                             HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION
 1-1           WHEREAS, House Bill No. 1515 has passed the Texas House of
 1-2     Representatives and the Texas Senate and is now in the office of
 1-3     the governor; and
 1-4           WHEREAS, Further consideration of the bill by the house of
 1-5     representatives and the senate is necessary; now, therefore, be it
 1-6           RESOLVED by the 77th Legislature, That the governor be hereby
 1-7     requested to return House Bill No. 1515 to the house of
 1-8     representatives for further consideration; and, be it further
 1-9           RESOLVED, That the action of the speaker of the house of
1-10     representatives and the president of the senate in signing House
1-11     Bill No. 1515 be declared null and void and that the two presiding
1-12     officers be authorized to remove their signatures from the enrolled
1-13     bill.