By Raymond                                            H.J.R. No. 98
         77R6473 YDB-D                           
                                 A JOINT RESOLUTION
 1-1     proposing a constitutional amendment to dedicate net revenue from
 1-2     the state lottery to public school purposes.
 1-4           SECTION 1.  Section 47, Article III, Texas Constitution, is
 1-5     amended by amending Subsection (e) and adding Subsection (f) to
 1-6     read as follows:
 1-7           (e)  The Legislature by general law may authorize the State
 1-8     to operate lotteries and may authorize the State to enter into a
 1-9     contract with one or more legal entities that will operate
1-10     lotteries on behalf of the State.  All money received by the State
1-11     from the operation of lotteries, other than amounts paid for
1-12     lottery prizes and administrative costs, shall be deposited in the
1-13     state treasury.  The money is dedicated to and may be expended only
1-14     for the enrichment of the educational programs of the public
1-15     primary and secondary schools and only for items that directly
1-16     benefit classroom teaching, including teacher compensation and the
1-17     acquisition of textbooks and educational supplies, materials,
1-18     equipment, and services.  The amount of money dedicated by this
1-19     subsection and appropriated each fiscal biennium shall result in an
1-20     equal reduction in general revenue funds that would otherwise have
1-21     been allocated for public school purposes.
1-22           (f)  An advertisement or promotion sponsored by the State or
1-23     a holder of a license issued by the State and related to the
1-24     operation of a lottery authorized by Subsection (e) of this section
 2-1     may not encourage or attempt to influence a person to purchase a
 2-2     lottery ticket or number for the purpose of supporting or providing
 2-3     more funds to public primary or secondary schools.
 2-4           SECTION 2.  This proposed constitutional amendment shall be
 2-5     submitted to the voters at an election to be held November 6, 2001.
 2-6     The ballot shall be printed to permit voting for or against the
 2-7     proposition:  "The constitutional amendment to dedicate net revenue
 2-8     from the state lottery to offset the costs of public school
 2-9     educational programs."