By Telford                                              H.R. No. 73
         77R4446 MJS-D                           
                                 R E S O L U T I O N
 1-1           WHEREAS, Throughout the nation, Americans are seeking
 1-2     innovative solutions to improve our public education system, and
 1-3     some of the most successful programs during the past two decades
 1-4     have been those implemented by the Association of Texas
 1-5     Professional Educators (ATPE); and
 1-6           WHEREAS, ATPE has strived to further education as a
 1-7     profession since 1980 by promoting the highest standards and
 1-8     developing training activities to bolster teachers' expertise; and
 1-9           WHEREAS, Formed by a handful of Texas educators, ATPE has
1-10     increased in membership from 18,000 at its inception to more than
1-11     100,000 members today, making it the largest professional
1-12     educator's association in Texas; ATPE has grown and prospered while
1-13     continuing to meet the demanding challenges and expectations of
1-14     educators and of the many children attending school in the Lone
1-15     Star State; and
1-16           WHEREAS, This estimable association has forged partnerships
1-17     with parents, businesses, communities, and the government to
1-18     provide countless services that enable educators and schoolchildren
1-19     to reach their highest potential; and
1-20           WHEREAS, ATPE has benefited greatly from the astute
1-21     leadership of its 2000-2001 ATPE state officers Susie Thrash, Tim
1-22     Fogarty, Sheila Fields, Don Cotten, and Connie Kilday, and ATPE's
1-23     region directors, presidents, and other volunteer officials; and
1-24           WHEREAS, By coordinating efforts to address the serious
 2-1     issues that educators and children confront on a daily basis,
 2-2     members of ATPE have served as a unifying force in improving
 2-3     education, and their initiatives have had a positive impact
 2-4     throughout the entire State of Texas; now, therefore, be it
 2-5           RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 77th Texas
 2-6     Legislature hereby recognize January 22, 2001, as Association of
 2-7     Texas Professional Educators Day and that it commend the members of
 2-8     ATPE for the continued enhancement of education in Texas; and, be
 2-9     it further
2-10           RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
2-11     prepared for the Association of Texas Professional Educators as an
2-12     expression of high regard by the Texas House of Representatives.