1-1           WHEREAS, The Texas House of Representatives takes great
 1-2     pleasure in recognizing March 19, 2001, as Texas Retired School
 1-3     Personnel Day--A Celebration of Volunteerism at the State Capitol;
 1-4     and
 1-5           WHEREAS, Founded in 1953, the Texas Retired Teachers
 1-6     Association (TRTA) is a nonprofit organization of more than 45,000
 1-7     retired public school and higher education personnel; members of
 1-8     this estimable group have contributed almost 5.5 billion hours of
 1-9     volunteer work to their communities, hours that translated into
1-10     professional wages would equal in excess of $80.5 billion; and
1-11           WHEREAS, TRTA, which strives to promote the professional,
1-12     economic, intellectual, and social well-being of retired school
1-13     personnel, encourages its members to give voluntarily of their
1-14     time, talents, training, and experience to a host of civic
1-15     endeavors across the state and nation; hospitals, churches, and
1-16     numerous other community entities have benefited immeasurably from
1-17     the contributions of these dedicated volunteers; and
1-18           WHEREAS, Boasting 251 units statewide, the Texas Retired
1-19     Teachers Association has shown an impressive commitment to
1-20     supporting and encouraging the thousands of retired public school
1-21     and higher education personnel in the Lone Star State, and it is
1-22     indeed a privilege to commend this noteworthy organization and its
1-23     civic-minded volunteers for their outstanding work; now, therefore,
1-24     be it
 2-1           RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 77th Texas
 2-2     Legislature hereby recognize March 19, 2001, as Texas Retired
 2-3     School Personnel Day--A Celebration of Volunteerism at the State
 2-4     Capitol and extend to all those associated with this fine
 2-5     organization sincere best wishes for continued success; and, be it
 2-6     further
 2-7           RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
 2-8     prepared for the Texas Retired Teachers Association as an
 2-9     expression of high regard by the Texas House of Representatives.
                                                   Speaker of the House
               I certify that H.R. No. 200 was adopted by the House on April
         5, 2001, by a non-record vote.
                                                 Chief Clerk of the House