By Moreno of Harris                                    H.R. No. 364
         77R7083 WMS-D                           
                                 R E S O L U T I O N
 1-1           WHEREAS, The passing of Jose Luis Rodriguez of Corpus Christi
 1-2     on January 1, 2001, at the age of 73, has brought a great loss to
 1-3     the many friends, relatives, and admirers of this esteemed Tejano
 1-4     musician; and
 1-5           WHEREAS, Born in Cherry Land, Texas, in 1927, Mr. Rodriguez
 1-6     began singing and composing at the age of nine, and during his
 1-7     lifetime this prolific entertainer created more than 1,000 songs
 1-8     and commercial jingles; and
 1-9           WHEREAS, Mr. Rodriguez was best known as the composer of "La
1-10     Del Mono Colorado," which became a gold record in 1966 and earned
1-11     him the nickname "El Mono"; an enduring classic of Tejano music,
1-12     the song has been recorded by such artists as Los Paisanos de
1-13     Chalito Johnson, Julio Iglesias, and La Mafia; and
1-14           WHEREAS, In addition to his songs, Mr. Rodriguez also penned
1-15     numerous advertising jingles, many of which he performed live with
1-16     an accordion on KUNO radio on Sunday mornings; and
1-17           WHEREAS, Mr. Rodriguez served his nation with distinction
1-18     during World War II and also devoted his time and energy to his
1-19     position at the Falstaff Distributing Company and as a supervisor
1-20     with an oil company; and
1-21           WHEREAS, His considerable artistic ability was matched by his
1-22     exceptional generosity, and Mr. Rodriguez often donated proceeds
1-23     from his concerts to help those in need; in recognition of his
1-24     community contributions, April 16, 1988, was officially named "Jose
 2-1     Luis Rodriguez Day" in Corpus Christi by Mayor Betty Turner; and
 2-2           WHEREAS, Mr. Rodriguez was a man of rare talent and
 2-3     compassion who will be deeply missed by those knew him, but his
 2-4     remarkable spirit will live on in the hearts of those whose lives
 2-5     he touched during his time on this earth; now, therefore, be it
 2-6           RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 77th Texas
 2-7     Legislature hereby pay tribute to the life of Jose Luis Rodriguez
 2-8     and extend sincere sympathy to the members of his family: to his
 2-9     wife, Guadalupe Rodriguez; to his sons, Santos Ruben, Raul, Roque,
2-10     Jose Luis, and Jorge Rodriguez; to his daughters, Ramona, Raquel,
2-11     and San Juanita Rodriguez, Aurora Nowicki, Christina Rodriguez, and
2-12     Victoria Chavez; to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren; and
2-13     to the many other friends and relatives of this beloved man; and,
2-14     be it further
2-15           RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
2-16     prepared for the family and that when the Texas House of
2-17     Representatives adjourns this day, it do so in memory of Jose Luis
2-18     Rodriguez.