By Chavez                                             H.R. No. 1102
         77R16408(6) MMS-D                           
                                 R E S O L U T I O N
 1-1           WHEREAS, On April 20, 2001, the Democratic Party of El Paso
 1-2     County inducted Soledad "Chole" Galvan and 18 other outstanding
 1-3     party and community leaders into its 2001 Hall of Fame; and
 1-4           WHEREAS, Instituted in 1985, the Hall of Fame recognizes
 1-5     those individuals who have, over a significant period of time, been
 1-6     the lifeblood of the El Paso County Democratic Party--the people
 1-7     who perform every role, from handling the myriad tasks that make up
 1-8     a campaign to holding party office, serving as delegates to party
 1-9     conventions, and even serving as members of the electoral college;
1-10     and
1-11           WHEREAS, Those honored with induction into the Hall of Fame
1-12     must also have given commensurate time and energy directly to the
1-13     community; the individuals selected for this accolade have all
1-14     compiled extensive records of volunteer service, whether in
1-15     donating their professional skills or in lending their invaluable
1-16     support as committed citizens to schools, youth sports, civic
1-17     organizations, city commissions, charities, and arts and cultural
1-18     groups; and
1-19           WHEREAS, In honoring these admirable individuals, the El Paso
1-20     County Democratic Party salutes them for their tireless efforts in
1-21     giving life to American democracy and in strengthening the social
1-22     fabric of their local communities; now, therefore, be it
1-23           RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 77th Texas
1-24     Legislature hereby congratulate Soledad "Chole" Galvan on the
 2-1     occasion of her induction into the 2001 El Paso County Democratic
 2-2     Hall of Fame and commend her for her exemplary record of civic
 2-3     engagement; and, be it further
 2-4           RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
 2-5     prepared for Ms. Galvan as an expression of high regard by the
 2-6     Texas House of Representatives.