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 1-2                          SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 402
 1-3           WHEREAS, In April 2001 the congregation of Greens Creek
 1-4     Baptist Church in Erath County will celebrate the church's 125th
 1-5     anniversary; and
 1-6           WHEREAS, Organized on April 16, 1876, the church traces
 1-7     its roots to the families of Mrs. Narcissus V. Howell and
 1-8     I. A. Whitfield, who moved to Erath County from Alabama; from its
 1-9     13 charter members, the church has grown to more than 300 faithful
1-10     worshipers; and
1-11           WHEREAS, The Reverend J. R. Northcutt was the first to
1-12     pastor the new congregation, and through the years, the church
1-13     has been blessed with a number of fine religious leaders; since
1-14     1980, the Reverend David Blagg has shared his wisdom and counsel
1-15     as minister; and
1-16           WHEREAS, During the first four years of its existence,
1-17     Greens Creek services were held under brush arbors in the summer
1-18     and in members' homes in winter; when a log schoolhouse was built
1-19     in 1880, it housed the worshipers during harsh weather until a
1-20     tabernacle was constructed in 1907; through the ensuing decades,
1-21     classrooms and a parsonage were added, and in 1976, the sanctuary
1-22     was totally remodeled; and
1-23           WHEREAS, The church's first Sunday School was organized
 2-1     in 1891 under the leadership of Superintendent N. G. Mulloy, and
 2-2     today, classes are provided for adults and children of all ages;
 2-3     the members' spiritual needs are also addressed by programs
 2-4     including vacation Bible school and various training groups and
 2-5     Bible classes; further, Greens Creek Baptist Church continues its
 2-6     tradition of supporting a vital music ministry as well as foreign,
 2-7     home, and state missions; and
 2-8           WHEREAS, For a century and a quarter, Greens Creek
 2-9     Baptist Church members have demonstrated a steadfast commitment
2-10     to bettering their community through their church ministry, and
2-11     their efforts in this regard are truly worthy of special
2-12     recognition; now, therefore, be it
2-13           RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
2-14     77th Legislature, hereby congratulate the Reverend David Blagg
2-15     and the members of Greens Creek Baptist Church on the occasion
2-16     of the church's 125th anniversary and commend them for
2-17     contributing to the church's dynamic history of providing support
2-18     and inspiration to generations of Texans; and, be it further
2-19           RESOLVED, That an official copy of this Resolution be
2-20     prepared for Greens Creek Baptist Church as an expression of high
2-21     regard from the Texas Senate.
2-22                                                                  Sibley
2-23                                  ______________________________________
2-24                                          President of the Senate
2-25                                       I hereby certify that the above
2-26                                  Resolution was adopted by the Senate
2-27                                  on March 5, 2001.
2-28                                  ______________________________________
2-29                                          Secretary of the Senate
 3-1                                  ______________________________________
 3-2                                           Member, Texas Senate