1-1                                     1                                  
 1-2                          SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 729
 1-3           WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas takes great pride
 1-4     in recognizing Big Spring Day, which will be held April 10, 2001,
 1-5     at the State Capitol; a Texas city rich in the pioneering spirit
 1-6     that looks back on a prosperous history and that looks forward to
 1-7     a productive 21st century, Big Spring is indeed worthy of a grand
 1-8     celebration; and
 1-9           WHEREAS, Big Spring's pioneering spirit is shown in the
1-10     lives of those who first explored the area, including the Spanish
1-11     explorers such as Coronado, and the Comanche Indians and Captain
1-12     Randolph B. Marcy, who recorded the discovery of Big Spring; and
1-13           WHEREAS, Big Spring's growth continued with early
1-14     settlers including Colonel C. C. Slaughter, David Abner Rhoton,
1-15     J. B. Boydstun, W. R. Settles, and Dora and "Bud" Roberts, whose
1-16     contributions to the community are still evident today in the
1-17     social and economic infrastructure of the city; and
1-18           WHEREAS, The pioneering spirit of Big Spring is apparent in
1-19     the historical preservation of Scenic Mountain at Big Spring State
1-20     Park, the Potton House, the Heritage Museum, Hanger 25 Museum, and
1-21     the Vietnam Memorial; and
 2-1           WHEREAS, The pioneering spirit of Big Spring anticipates the
 2-2     future through the construction of America's largest wind turbines
 2-3     for new sources of energy and the creation of a Technology Task
 2-4     Force to investigate the implementation of emerging technologies
 2-5     in public and private sectors; and
 2-6           WHEREAS, The Big Spring community attracts business and
 2-7     industry through concerted economic development efforts while
 2-8     maintaining its established manufacturing and technology industries
 2-9     and its vital oil, farming, and ranching industries; and
2-10           WHEREAS, Big Spring is moving into the 21st century by
2-11     providing new technologies while continuing to meet the basic needs
2-12     of all its citizens through exciting job opportunities, affordable
2-13     housing, recreation, and education; and
2-14           WHEREAS, Big Spring's pioneering spirit will continue
2-15     into the future because of its greatest natural resource, its
2-16     citizens; they will continue to explore, settle, toil, and
2-17     envision a quality of life that makes this vital and prosperous
2-18     community the Crossroads of West Texas; now, therefore, be it
2-19           RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
2-20     77th Legislature, hereby extend best wishes to the citizens of
2-21     Big Spring, Texas, for a most successful Big Spring Day at the
2-22     Texas Capitol.
2-23                                                    Duncan
 3-1           Armbrister           Harris              Shapiro
 3-2           Barrientos           Haywood             Shapleigh
 3-3           Bernsen              Jackson             Sibley
 3-4           Bivins               Lindsay             Staples
 3-5           Brown                Lucio               Truan
 3-6           Cain                 Madla               Van de Putte
 3-7           Carona               Moncrief            Wentworth
 3-8           Ellis                Nelson              West
 3-9           Fraser               Ogden               Whitmire
3-10           Gallegos                                 Zaffirini
3-11                      Ratliff, President of the Senate
3-12                                  ______________________________________
3-13                                          President of the Senate
3-14                                       I hereby certify that the above
3-15                                  Resolution was adopted by the Senate
3-16                                  on April 10, 2001.
3-17                                  ______________________________________
3-18                                          Secretary of the Senate
3-19                                  ______________________________________
3-20                                           Member, Texas Senate