Austin, Texas
                    FISCAL NOTE, 77th Regular Session
                              April 17, 2001
          TO:  Honorable Rene Oliveira, Chair, House Committee on Ways &
        FROM:  John Keel, Director, Legislative Budget Board
       IN RE:  HB2226  by Davis, John (Relating to the certification by
               a chief appraiser of certain taxable properties not
               included in the initial appraisal roll for a taxing
               unit.), As Introduced
*  Passage of this bill could cause a change in some school district     *
*  taxable values reported to the Commissioner of Education by the       *
*  Comptroller.  However, it is not anticipated that there would be      *
*  any significant impact to the state's share of public education       *
*  cost.                                                                 *
The bill would amend Section 26.01 of the Tax Code to require the chief
appraiser to submit to each taxing unit a certified list of properties
not included in the initial appraisal roll or on the list of properties
certified as being under protest before the appraisal review board.

The list would include the market value, appraised value, and taxable
value for the preceding year and an estimate of those values for the
current year.  Until the property on the proposed list was added to a
unit's appraisal roll, the unit would have to use the lower value for
the calculation of its effective and rollback tax rates.
Local Government Impact
Taxing units not currently receiving a list of these late discovered
properties may make their tax rate calculations based on an incomplete
set of taxable values, possibly resulting in rates the unit would not
otherwise adopt.  The impact of this bill on local governments would
depend on the incidence of and amount of value involved in the timely
reporting to taxing units of late discovered properties by appraisal
Source Agencies:   304   Comptroller of Public Accounts
LBB Staff:         JK, SD, BR