Austin, Texas
                    FISCAL NOTE, 77th Regular Session
                              April 9, 2001
          TO:  Honorable Juan Hinojosa, Chair, House Committee on
               Criminal Jurisprudence
        FROM:  John Keel, Director, Legislative Budget Board
       IN RE:  HB2517  by Garcia (relating to the prosecution of an
               offense regarding a refusal to provide identification or
               the provision of false identification to a peace
               officer.), Committee Report 1st House, Substituted
*  No significant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated.        *
The bill would amend the Penal Code by specifying persons for whom the
offense of failure to identify would apply.  The bill would also
establish an oral statement as a sufficient means of providing
identifying information to a peace officer and would specify arrest
requirements for lawfully detained persons.
Local Government Impact
No significant fiscal implication to units of local government is
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