Austin, Texas
                    FISCAL NOTE, 77th Regular Session
                               May 16, 2001
          TO:  Honorable Patricia Gray, Chair, House Committee on Public
        FROM:  John Keel, Director, Legislative Budget Board
       IN RE:  SB791  by Nelson (Relating to the imposition of
               administrative, civil, and criminal penalties and the
               authorization of emergency license suspension for
               certain licensing programs regulated by the Texas
               Department of Health.), Committee Report 2nd House, as
*  No significant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated.        *
Local Government Impact
No fiscal implication to units of local government is anticipated.
Source Agencies:   501   Texas Department of Health, 360   State Office
                   of Administrative Hearings, 302   Office of the
                   Attorney General
LBB Staff:         JK, HD, RM