Subcommittee on Property Owners' Association 
                               Tuesday, May 28, 2002 
                                     9:30 a.m. 
                           Capitol Extension, Room E1.028 
         Pursuant to a notice posted in accordance with Senate Rule  
         11.18, a public hearing of the Senate Committee on  
         Intergovernmental Relations was held on Tuesday, May 28, 2002,  
         in the Capitol Extension, Room E1.028, at Austin, Texas. 
         MEMBERS PRESENT:                        MEMBERS ABSENT: 
         Senator Jon Lindsay                      
         Senator John Whitmire                    
                                                 Senator Royce West 
         Senator Jon Lindsay, the chair, called the meeting to order at  
         9:35 a.m.  The following business was transacted:   
         The chair laid out charge one:  Study the appropriateness of  
         foreclosure and other powers granted to property owners'  
         associations to enforce covenants. 
         Witnesses testifying and registering on the charge are shown on  
         the attached list.   
         There being no further business, at 1:40 p.m. Senator Lindsay  
         moved that the Committee stand recessed subject to the call of  
         the chair.  Without objection, it was so ordered.   
         Senator Jon Lindsay, Chair 
         Hillery Stephens, Clerk