SENATE COMMITTEE ON FINANCE 
                              Tuesday, February 6, 2001 
                                      8:00 a.m. 
                            Capitol Extension, Room E1.036 
      Pursuant to a notice posted in accordance with Senate Rule 11.18, a  
      public hearing of the Senate Committee on Finance was held on Tuesday,  
      February 6, 2001, in the Capitol Extension, Room E1.036, at Austin,  
      MEMBERS PRESENT:                           MEMBERS ABSENT: 
      Senator Rodney Ellis                       Senator John Whitmire 
      Senator Chris Harris 
      Senator Gonzalo Barrientos 
      Senator Robert Duncan                       
      Senator Troy Fraser 
      Senator Tom Haywood 
      Senator Mike Jackson 
      Senator Jon Lindsay 
      Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr.                    
      Senator Steve Ogden                         
      Senator Carlos Truan                        
      Senator Judith Zaffirini 
      The chair called the meeting to order at 8:05 a.m.  There being a quorum  
      present, the following business was transacted:   
      The Chair recognized the following witnesses to give testimony on the  
      Legislative Budget Board (LBB) recommendations: 
           Texas A&M University System 
           John A. Wielmaker,  LBB Analyst 
           Jan         , SAO    
           Howard D. Graves, Chancellor 
              Introduced Don Powell.  Gave overview of the A&M System in past  
              biennium.  Spoke to eight priorities in the proposed budget.  
              Talked about the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil  
              Rights issue that profoundly affects the welfare of one of their  
              institutions.  Answered questions. 
           Don Powell, Chair, Board of Regents 
              Spoke to profound changes serving on the Board of Regents  has  
              had on  his life and what a privilege it has been.  Answered  
           Robert Furgason, President, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 
              Spoke of the $46 million dollar gift  by  Ed Hart, for Coastal  
              studies.  Answered questions on how the endowment monies are to  
              be spent. 
           James S. Cole, Interim President, Health Science Center 
                Answered questions. 
           Tom D. Kale, Vice Chancellor for Business, Texas A&M System 
                Answered questions. 
           Greg Anderson, Treasurer, A&M System 
                Answered questions. 
           Chester P. Fehlis, Deputy Director, A&M Extension Service 
              Answered questions.  Spoke to the salaries of their County  
              Extension Agents.  Answered questions on the Quail Decline  
           Dr. Charles A. Hines, President/CEO,  A&M - Prairie View 
                Answered questions. 
           Dr. Ray M. Bowen, President, A&M University 
                Answered questions. 
           Keith D. McFarland, President, A&M - Commerce 
                Answered questions. 
           H. Richard Adams, Dean, Veterinary Medicine School 
              Answered questions. 
           Dr. Kay Clayton, Provost, Kingsville     
                Answered questions. 
           Edward A. Hiler, Vice-Chancellor, Agriculture and Life Science 
                Answered questions. 
      Senator Truan assumed chair. 
                Public Testimony: 
                Daniel Weaver, Texas Beekeepers Association 
                     Supports funding for the Texas Honey Bee Research.  
                Helen Campbell, Executive Director, State Fireman's & Fire  
      Marshall Assoc.  
                   Supports funding for the Texas Fire Training School funded  
                   by the Texas Engineering Extension Service. 
                Wallace Klussmann, Texas Wildlife Assoc., Texas Farm Bureau 
                     Supports the Quail Decline Initiative. 
                Gary Joiner, Asst, Legislative Director, Texas Farm Bureau 
                     Supports Dairy Demonstration Barn at Tarleton and the  
      Quail Decline Initiative. 
                Registering, but not testifying: 
                Joan Beckham, Vice President for Finance & Admin. at A&M -  
           G. Kemble Bennett, Director, Engineering Extension Service 
           Dr, Steve Crandall, Vice President for Finance at A&M - Kingsville 
           Jose Garcia, Vice President Finance & Admin. at A&M International  
           Jerry Gaston, System Employee 
           Clovis Roland Haden, State Employee, Texas Engineering Experiment  
           Stephen Hensley, President, A&M - Texarkana   
           C. Ray Hayes, Vice President Finance & Admin. - Corpus Christi 
           Ray M. Keck, III, Provost, A&M International University 
           Mike Kemp, Vice President & CEO, A&M - Galveston 
           Russell Long, President, President, UTAMU 
           Herbert Richardson, Mechanical Engineer, Texas Trans. Institute 
      At 10:43 a.m. Senator Truan moved that the committee stand recessed  
      until such time as the Chair announces it on the floor; without  
      objection, it was so ordered.  
      At 1:00 p.m. the committee reconvened with Senator Truan in chair.  
      Testimony continued with the following: 
           Texas Food and Fibers Commission 
           John A. Wielmaker, LBB Analyst 
           Dr. David Schmidley, President, Texas Tech University, Advisory  
                Spoke briefly about the Commission and who makes up the  
           Bob Avant, Executive Director 
                Spoke to the proposed budget and the exceptional item.   
      Answered questions. 
           Tony Williams, Texas Cotton Ginners' Assn. & Advisory Committee 
                Spoke to the past biennium and the hope for the future. 
      Senator Ellis assumed the chair at 1:14 p.m. 
           University of North Texas System 
           Dr. Alfred F. Hurley, Chancellor, University of North Texas System 
                Introduced members in attendance.  Gave a brief overview.   
      Answered questions. 
           Burke Pettit, Board of Regents 
              Thanked the Committee for past funding and hopes for continued  
              support for proposed funding.   Appreciates the new status. 
      Senator Moncrief assumed chair at 1:22. 
           Phil Diebel, Vice Chancellor for Finance 
                Gave figures for some of the requests in proposed budget.   
           Norval Pohl, President, University of North Texas - Denton 
                Answered questions. 
           Dr. Ronald R. Blanck, President, University of Texas Health Science  
              Gave a brief overview of the DNA Lab and the proposed Lab for  
              Tick-Borne Illnesses.  Answered questions on the School of  
              Public Health. 
      Senator Ellis assumed Chair. 
           Texas Southern University 
           Carol Noble, SAO   CHECK THIS 
            A. Martin Wickliff, Jr., Board of Regents 
              Introduced other Regents in attendance.  Spoke to some of the  
              past problems and the hope for the future. 
           Priscilla Slade, President 
              Spoke to exceptional items in proposed budget.  Answered many  
              questions from the committee. 
           Bobby Wilson, Provost 
                Answered questions 
           Gayla B. Thomas, Ph.D., Administrator 
                Answered questions. 
                Registering, but not testifying: 
                George M. Williams, Regent 
                Quintin F. Niggins, Senior Vice President for Business &  
                Terry Holderman, Internal Audit 
      Senator Todd Staples assumed Chair at 2:57. 
                Public Testimony: 
                Robert S. Scott, Graduate Student at UT Austin 
           Stephen F. Austin University 
           Pattye Greer, Chair of Board of Regents 
                Gave a brief history and an overview of what is currently  
      happening at the University. 
           Mike Wilhite, Regent 
                Spoke to scholarship awards program and progress in the past  
      biennium.  Answered questions.     Roland Smith, Administrator 
              Spoke to budget and exceptional items.  Gave a general overview  
              of faculty and students. In December awarded their first 6  
              Doctoral Degrees.  Answered questions. 
           Janelle C. Ashley, Vice President for Academic Affairs 
                Spoke to the exceptional items in proposed budget.  Answered  
                Registering, but not testifying: 
                Danny R. Gallant, Director of Financial Services 
                Glenda Herrington, Director, Human Resources 
                John D. Rulfs, Regent 
      Senator Ellis assumed chair.   
         Texas Tech University System 
         John T. Montford, Chancellor 
              Gave overview of Texas Tech System.  Spoke to exceptional items  
              in budget request.  Spoke to the issue of Tier One schools.    
              Answered questions. 
         Dave Sniddle, President of Texas Tech 
              Answered questions from the committee. 
         David R. Smith, President,  Texas Tech Health Science Center 
              Spoke to the exceptional items in proposed budget.  Answered  
         Jim Brujes, CFO, Texas Tech University System 
              Answered questions.  
         Dr. David Schmidley, President, Texas Tech University 
              Explained in more detail the question of Tier One issues.   
              Answered questions.  
              Public Testimony: 
              Jay Weinheimer, Attorney  
              Registering, but not testifying: 
              Elmo Cavin, Vice President for Fiscal Affairs, Texas Tech Health  
      Sciences Center 
              Mike Wilson, Interim Vice President for fiscal Affairs, Texas  
      Tech University  
         Public Community/Junior Colleges 
         Debbie Baisden, LBB Analyst 
         Ray Garcia, Executive Director, Texas Association of Community  
              Introduced President's from two Junior Colleges.  Spoke to the  
              LBB analysis and conclusions and strongly disagreed with LBB's  
              conclusions.  Answered questions. 
         Dr. Marc Nigliazzo, Resident, Temple & Texas Association of Community  
              Gave overview of the taxing districts. Spoke to proposed budget  
              and exceptional items.  Answered questions.  
              Public Testimony: 
              Richard Elam, Texas Community College Teachers Assoc. 
              Registering, but not testifying: 
              Bill Crowe, President-Elect, Texas Assoc. of Community Colleges  
      & President, Tyler Junior College 
         Texas State Technical College System 
         Debbie Baisden, LBB Analyst 
         Dr. Bill Segura, Chancellor, Texas State Technical College System 
              Introduced Presidents from three colleges.  Gave overview of the  
              system and progress in the past biennium.  Spoke to the  
              exceptional items in proposed budget.  Answered questions. 
              Registering, but not testifying: 
              Martha Ellis, President - Waco 
              Dr. J. Gilbert Leyl, President - Harlingen 
              Dr. Joe A. Green, President - Marshall 
              J. Gary Hendricks, Administrator 
      There being no further business, at 6:03 p.m. Senator Ellis moved that  
      the Committee stand recessed  until 8:00 a.m., Wednesday, February 7,  
      2001.  Without objection, it was so ordered.   
      Senator Rodney Ellis, Chair 
      Myra  J. Schmitt, Clerk