Wednesday, June 6, 2001 
                                     9:30 a.m. 
                          Betty King Committee Room, 2E.20 
         Pursuant to a notice posted in accordance with Senate  
         Rule 11.18, a public hearing of the Senate Committee on  
         Redistricting was held on Wednesday, June 6, 2001, in  
         the Betty King Committee Room, 2E.20, in Austin, Texas. 
         MEMBERS PRESENT:                        MEMBERS ABSENT: 
         Senator Jeff Wentworth                  None 
         Senator Mike Jackson 
         Senator Kenneth Armbrister 
         Senator David Cain 
         Senator Robert Duncan 
         Senator Rodney Ellis 
         Senator Troy Fraser 
         Senator Mario Gallegos 
         Senator Florence Shapiro 
         Senator Judith Zaffirini 
         The chair called the meeting to order at 9:37 a.m.   
         There being a quorum present, the following business  
         was transacted:   
         The following members arrived after the roll was  
         Senator Robert Duncan 
         Senator David Cain 
         Senator Troy Fraser 
         Senator Jackson moved to adopt the committee minutes  
         from the previous hearing on Monday, May 28, 2001.   
         There being  no objection, the minutes were adopted.   
         The chair announced that the purpose of this meeting  
         was to continue with the constitutional responsibility  
         of the Senate and House to draw Congressional and State  
         Board of Education district lines for the State of  
         Texas.  The constitutional responsibility for the  
         Legislature to redraw Senate and House district lines  
         was transferred to the Legislative Redistricting Board  
         since the Legislature failed to pass plans.  The chair  
         announced the Legislative Redistricting Board would  
         meet at 2 p.m. that afternoon in the Capitol Extension  
         The chair announced the committee was charged with  
         redrawing Congressional and State Board of Education  
         district lines and determining whether the plans could  
         be passed by the Senate and the House in a special  
         session of the Legislature.  The chair stated that the  
         Governor is reluctant to call all 181 legislative  
         members back to Austin for a special session to wrestle  
         with an issue that can more effectively be handled by a  
         committee, at least initially.   
         In an effort to comply with the Governor's charge, the  
         chair stated that public testimony would be taken at  
         this meeting on proposed plans.  The chair announced  
         that copies of all public Congressional and State Board  
         of Education maps and statistics were distributed to  
         committee members at the beginning of the meeting.  The  
         chair called upon Donna Kay McKinney, Director of the  
         Senate Committee on Redistricting, to brief committee  
         members on the maps and statistics they received.   
         Discussion took place regarding the starting points for  
         evaluation of plans by the committee.  Senator Ellis  
         asked if the committee would determine whether  
         Congressional and State Board of Education plans would  
         be incumbency protection plans and if the committee  
         would consider acceptable political compositions for  
         each plan.  Senator Fraser supported the committee's  
         centering its discussion on acceptable political  
         compositions rather than on map-drawing.   Senator  
         Duncan suggested the committee consider the House  
         Redistricting Committee's congressional map as a  
         starting point, mainly due to time constraints.   
         The chair stated his belief that the House  
         Redistricting Committee's Congressional plan would  
         probably not withstand scrutiny by the courts.  Changes  
         to the House Redistricting Committee's Congressional  
         plan would probably need to be made by the Senate  
         committee and then by a conference committee in order  
         for the plan to meet the approval of both houses.   
         In response to questions by Senator Shapiro, the chair  
         informed committee members that only one member of the  
         Texas Congressional delegation provided a district map  
         to the committee, despite repeated invitations to  
         participate in the redistricting process and promises  
         by Republican and Democrat Congressional delegations to  
         prepare maps.  Letters regarding this meeting were sent  
         to all members of the Texas Congressional delegation  
         inviting their attendance, suggestions, and proposed  
         maps.  The chair received letters from only six members  
         of Congress, and no state-wide maps were included.   
         The chair stated that he was more optimistic about the  
         committee's passing a State Board of Education plan  
         than a Congressional plan.  Senator Zaffirini thought  
         it might be more fruitful for the committee to  
         concentrate on State Board of Education redistricting  
         Senator Armbrister suggested the chair give  
         Congressional members a strict deadline for submitting  
         their plans.  The chair stated his intention to send  
         letters with the deadline to Congressional members  
         after the committee meeting.   
         Public testimony was taken on Congressional and State  
         Board of Education redistricting, and committee members  
         questioned the witnesses.   
         State Board of Education Board members Geraldine  
         "Tincy" Miller, Don McLeroy, and Dan Montgomery  
         testified about the current map and told the committee  
         they would try to draw a map that had the support of  
         all board members.  Committee members questioned them  
         about expanding the number of board members and  
         matching State Board of Education district lines with  
         Legislative districts.   
         Representative Delwin Jones, Chairman of the House  
         Committee on Redistricting, presented his State Board  
         of Education proposed map.   
         The chair announced the next meeting would take place  
         on June 14 or 15, 2001, and requested committee members  
         share their preferences with committee staff.  The  
         chair said that the committee would not meet the third  
         week in June, but would meet during the last week of  
         June.  The chair stated his intention for the committee  
         to decide by the end of the month whether Congressional  
         and State Board of Education plans can be drawn which  
         can be supported by both the House and Senate.   
         There being no further business, at 11:41 a.m., the  
         chair announced the committee would stand in recess  
         subject to the call of the chair.  Without objection,  
         the committee recessed.   
         Senator Jeff Wentworth, Chair 
         Erica Sadlon, Clerk