NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Criminal Jurisprudence

TIME & DATE:  2:00PM or upon final adjourn./recess
             Tuesday, May 1, 2001

PLACE: E2.028

CHAIR: Rep. Juan Hinojosa

The committee will consider the following bills:

HB 1167            Crabb
Relating to the form of examination of a child in a criminal or
civil proceeding.

HB 810            McReynolds
Relating to the penalties for making a false bomb threat and
committing an offense involving a hoax bomb.

HB 2607            Alexander
Relating to the imposition of a fee for collecting a delinquent
fine, court cost, or court-ordered attorney's fee.

HB 3263            Williams / et al.
Relating to certain court costs imposed on a person convicted of an

SB 1421            West, Royce
Relating to certain court costs imposed on a person convicted of an

SB 1681            Jackson
Relating to the waiver of a jury trial in the prosecution of a
misdemeanor offense within the jurisdiction of the justice and
municipal courts.

SB 1570            West, Royce
Relating to the expunction of arrest records and files based on an

SB 1035            West, Royce
Relating to the preparation of a judgment in a criminal case.

SB 1778            Lucio
Relating to the collection of costs in criminal cases.

SB 850            Barrientos
Relating to benefits for certain disabled peace officers.

SB 242            Shapleigh
Relating to prohibiting peace officers from making unreasonable
community caretaking stops and detentions.

SB 1295            Van de Putte
Relating to the prosecution of the offense of indecency with a

SB 269            Ogden
Relating to criminal and civil liability for causing injury to a
pregnant woman.

SB 370            Ogden
Relating to the performance of an autopsy on an individual injured
in one county and dying in another county.

SB 1202            Zaffirini
Relating to the limits on compensation paid by the state to certain
victims of crime.

SB 1345            Armbrister
Relating to the interception of wire, oral, or electronic
communications, to the use of pen registers and trap and trace
devices, and to the civil and criminal consequences of improperly
engaging in those activities.