NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Insurance

TIME & DATE: 10:30AM or upon final adjourn./recess
             Monday, March 19, 2001

PLACE: E2.026

CHAIR: Rep. John T. Smithee


HB 1383            Dunnam
Relating to certain attorneys employed by or under contract to

HB 1384            Dunnam
Relating to review of the termination of agreements with certain
insurance agents; providing an administrative penalty.

HB 1433            Dunnam
Relating to audits of billing statements of insurance defense

HB 1610            Averitt
Relating to data on mandated health benefits and mandated offers of
coverage that must be collected and reported by health benefit plan

HB 2100            Eiland
Relating to a specialty insurance agent license for certain persons
who sell contracts regulated by the Texas Department of Banking for
prepaid funeral benefits.

HB 2191            Averitt
Relating to availability of health benefit plan coverage under the
Texas Health Insurance Risk Pool.

HB 2286            Averitt
Relating to the operation of and coverage under small employer
health benefit plans.

HB 2498            Haggerty / et al.
Relating to certain cross-border health care plans offered by
health maintenance organizations.

HB 2828            Smithee
Relating to delegation of certain functions by a health maintenance
organization; providing penalties.

HB 2831            Smithee
Relating to notification to certain health care providers of the
standards used by a managed care entity to determine the amount of
reimbursement for an out-of-network provider.