NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Insurance

TIME & DATE: 10:30AM or upon final adjourn./recess
             Monday, April 9, 2001

PLACE: E2.026

CHAIR: Rep. John T. Smithee


HB 188            Burnam
Relating to insurers as proper parties to certain actions for

HB 718            Chavez
Relating to a motor vehicle liability insurance database.

HB 1709            Averitt
Relating to assessments used to fund the Health Insurance Risk
Pool; authorizing a premium tax credit.

HB 2548            Dutton
Relating to the regulation of automobile insurance rates.

HB 2382            Thompson / et al.
Relating to coverage under a health benefit plan for prescription
contraceptive drugs and devices and related services.

HB 2620            Goodman
Relating to standardizing contracts, forms, and other documents
used in managed care plans.

HB 3393            Oliveira
Relating to the adoption and use of certain consumer information
materials in foreign languages regarding private passenger motor
vehicle insurance coverage.

HB 3455            Tillery
Relating to provision of certain automobile damage information to
an applicant for motor vehicle liability insurance.

HB 3456            Tillery
Relating to settlement of certain claims under a motor vehicle
insurance policy.

HB 2827            Smithee
Relating to consumer disclosures required to be made by health
maintenance organizations and insurers who provide preferred
provider plans.

HB 3327            Averitt
Relating to production of documents produced in response to an
investigation by the Texas Department of Insurance.

HB 3326            Averitt
Relating to the reorganization of a mutual life insurance company.

HB 2932            Lewis, Glenn
Relating to a discount on the premium surcharge for a motor vehicle
equipped with a breath alcohol detection device.

HB 3080            Burnam
Relating to rates of Lloyds and reciprocals for policy forms filed
by national insurers and national organizations of insurance