NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: State Affairs

TIME & DATE:  2:00PM or upon final adjourn./recess
             Monday, March 5, 2001

PLACE: E2.010

CHAIR: Rep. Steven Wolens

The committee will meet to consider the following bills:

HB 35            McClendon
Relating to the meeting of a governmental body held by
videoconference call.

HB 307            Hupp
Relating to disclosure of personal information from motor vehicle

HB 673            Miller / et al.
Relating to prohibiting the Department of Public Safety of the
State of Texas from disclosing certain personal information.

HB 777            Haggerty
Relating to the confidentiality of information held by tax
appraisal offices that identifies the home addresses of peace
officers, certain college and university security officers, and
employees of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

HB 799            Gallego
Relating to the disclosure of personal information that is
collected by certain governmental bodies.

HB 1021            Clark
Relating to consultations between a governmental body and its

HB 1074            Farabee
Relating to the requirements for a meeting of a governmental body
held by videoconference call.

HB 1409            Junell
Relating to certain restrictions on the authority of a regional
planning commission, a council of governments, or a similar
regional planning agency to contract to administer or collect a fee
for administering federal funds.

HB 1544            Uher
Relating to the release of certain personal information from motor
vehicle records and information relating to motor vehicle accident
reports; providing penalties.

HB 1772            Brimer
Relating to the approval and financing of sports and community
venue projects.