NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Intergovernmental Relations
SUBCOMMITTEE: Property Owners' Associations

TIME & DATE:  9:30AM, Tuesday, May 28, 2002

PLACE: E1.028

CHAIR: Senator Jon Lindsay


I. Call to Order

II.  Discussion of Committee Charge

     Charge 1:  Study the appropriateness of foreclosure and other
     powers granted to property owners' associations to enforce

III. Invited and Public testimony

     a. Report from Attorney Fee Task Force
     b. Brief by attorneys involved in Geneva Kirk Brooks vs.
     Northglen Association (6th Court of Appeal Opinion) case
     c. Public Testimony: Limited to discussion of solutions only.
     The subcommittee has heard from numerous citizens about the
     problems that exist with property owner associations and the
     laws that govern them.  This hearing will focus on solutions to
     those problems.

IV.  Recess