NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Education

TIME & DATE:  9:00AM, Wednesday, April 25, 2001

PLACE: E1.012

CHAIR: Senator Teel Bivins


To consider the following:

SB 606            Sibley
Relating to annuities or investments for certain public employees.

SB 745            Shapleigh
Relating to sanctions that may be imposed on certain school

SB 854            Harris
Relating to public school accountability.

SB 1636            Bernsen
Relating to the use of a portion of medical school tuition for
student loan repayment assistance for physicians.

SB 1743            Nelson
Relating to designation and release of directory information under
the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

SB 1753            Cain
Relating to treatment of lease payments under the Public Property
Finance Act

SB 1814            Ellis, Rodney
Relating to the tuition for law school and graduate pharmacy
courses at public institutions of higher education.

SB 1817            Bivins
Relating to a plan to increase enrollment of public school students
in institutions of higher education.

SB 1818            Bivins
Relating to the authority of the board of regents of The Texas A&M
University relating to real property, permanent improvements, and
eminent domain.

HB 506            Smith                    SP: Staples
Relating to the transfer of a limitation on school district ad
valorem taxes on the residence homestead of the surviving spouse of
an elderly person to a subsequent homestead.

HB 1467            Maxey                    SP: Barrientos
Relating to the amount of tuition that a public junior college may
set aside for Texas Public Education Grants.

HB 1641            Rangel                   SP: Barrientos
Relating to providing certain students with an equal opportunity to
enroll in or receive a competitive scholarship for a graduate or
professional degree program.

HB 2218            Rangel                   SP: Staples
Relating to the amount of the international education fee charged
at certain institutions of higher education.

HB 2840            Telford                  SP: Staples
Relating to a partnership between Texas A&M University--Texarkana
and Texarkana College District.

Pending business:

SB 273            Armbrister
Relating to systems and programs administered by the Teacher
Retirement System of Texas.

SB 350            Truan
Relating to wage rates paid by or on behalf of certain school
districts on public works projects.

SB 1102            Barrientos
Relating to a survey concerning persons who drop out of school.



SB 1814