HB 2699
Natural Resources Committee

March 21, 2001 -  3:00P or upon final adjourn./recess
    For:      Clifton, Jr., William L. "Bill" (Self)
              Garrett, Ricky (City of Waco)
              Olson, Charles (Self and City of Meridian)
              Pertile, Arthur (City of Waco, Texas)
    Against:  Albrecht, Ashley (Self)
              Coulter, Denise (Dublin Economic Development
              De Jong, Donald (Self and CALM/TAD)
              Harris, Mitchell (Self)
              Price, Paul T. (Coalition for Affordable Local Milk)
              Terrell, James (Texas Association of Dairymen)
              Traweek, James (Self and Jam-Dot Dairy)
              Turley, Darren (Self and Erath County Farm Bureau)
              Vander Horst, Alan D. (Self)
    On:       Hoffman, Margaret (TNRCC)
              Wallace, R.E. "Bob" (The Wallace Group)
   Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Graham, Jonathan (City of Temple)
              Igo, Shanna (Texas Municipal League)
    Against:  de Uries, Jan Pieter (Self)
              Albrecht, Liz (Self)
              Arnold, Bruce (Self)
              Bramlett, Donnie (Self)
              Broumley, Keith (Self)
              Brugman, Bennie (Self)
              De Jong, William (Self)
              Geijsel, Arjen (Self)
              Grimes, Charles R. (Self)
              Hess, Myron (National Wildlife Federation)
              Konkhuis, Henk (Self)
              Loving, Carson (Self)
              Lueck, Sr., Fred (Self)
              Maberry, Angie (Self)
              Miller, Terry (Self)
              Nadine, Colbach (Self)
              Oosten, Gerald (Self)
              Pair, Kirby (Self)
              Pair, Mary K. (Self)
              Reilly, Frank (Coalition for Affordable Local Milk)
              Sargent, Garland (Self)
              Schouten, Nova (Self)
              Schouten, Zeba (Self)
              Talsma, Klaas (Self)
              Thompson, Joe B. (Self)
              Traweek, John (Self)
              Traweek, Ricky (Self)
              Turley, Deanna (Self)
              Vam der Laan, Pieter (Self)
              Vandermeer, Steve (Self)
              Volleman, Marcel (Self)
              Webb, Sherry (Self)
              Zwart, Durk (Self)
    On:       Howe, Billy (Texas Farm Bureau)
              Rascoe, Zoe (TNRCC)