SB 2


Natural Resources Committee

March 27, 2001 -  2:00P
       FOR:       Archuleta, Ed (El Paso Water Utilities), El Paso, TX
                  Butler, Susan Director of Water Resource Development
                         (San Antonio Water System), San Antonio, TX
                  Haliber, Eugene President (SAWS), San Antonio, TX
                  Johnson, Russell Water Resources Counsel (San
                         Antonio Water System), San Antonio, TX
                  Kracher, Bud President (Cow Creek Conservation
                         District), Boerne, TX
                  Linder, Patrick General Counsel (Cow Creek
                         Groundwater Conservation District), San
                         Antonio, TX
                  Petersen, Ken General Counsel (Texas Rural Water
                         Association), Austin, TX
                  Rice, Irvin Secretary (Trinity/Improvement
                         Association), Dallas, TX
       AGAINST:   Arrington, Lonnie Director (Lower Neches Valley
                         Authority), Beaumont, TX
                  Breier, John President/CEO (Beaumont Chamber of
                         Commerce), Beaumont, TX
                  Cox, Charles Senior VP (Hibernia National Bank),
                         Beaumont, TX
                  Fontenot, Todd Commissioner (Liberty County),
                         Liberty, TX
                  Frost, Ford (Self), Houston, TX
                  Griffith, Carl Jefferson County Judge (Jefferson
                         Co.), Beaumont, TX
                  Jeffrey, John (Self), Liberty, TX
                  Klepac, Jimmy President (Klepac), Blanco, TX
                  Lovelady, Michael Fire Chief, President (City of
 Nederland Chamber of Commerce),
                         Nederland, TX
                  McKelvey, Robert Mayor (City of Palestine),
                         Palestine, TX
                  Middleton, Gary Mayor (City of Victoria), Victoria,
                  Monk, Frances Mayor (City of Port Neches), Port
                         Neches, TX
                  Murrell, David Member (Winnie Rice Farmers Co-Op),
                         Winnie, TX
                  Rowland, Cole Member (Lower Colorado Regional Water
                         Planning Group), Austin, TX
                  Rutherford, Verna Legislative Response Team
                         (Jefferson County Chambers of Commerce), Port
                         Arthur, TX
                  Snow, Curtis City Manager (City of Palestine),
                         Palestine, TX
                  Stroder, Robert General Manager (Lower Neches Valley
                         Authority), Beaumont, TX
                  Watson, Juliet Council Person (Self), New Braunfels,
       ON:        Alders, David Member (Region I Planning Group),
                         Nacogdoches, TX
                  Baker, John Commissioner (TNRCC), Austin, TX
                  Booth, Frank (Self), Aransas Pass, TX
                  Brown, Robert Executive VP (Farm Credit Bank of
                         Texas), Georgetown, TX
                  Campbell, George Chairman (Region I Water Planning
                         Group), Nacogdoches, TX
                  Darling, Robert (Chamber of Commerce), Port Arthur,
                  Gertson, Ronald Water Policy Committee (Texas Rice
                         Producers Legislative Group), East Bernard,
                  Gilliland, Charles Research Economist (Real Estate
                         Ctr  Texas A&M University), College Station,
                  Hubert, Martin Deputy Commissioner (TX Department of
                         Agriculture), Austin, TX
                  Hunt, Chuck Regional Issues Coordinator (Big Ticket
                         National Preserve), Beaumont, TX
                  Kaderka, Susan Director, Gulf States Office
                         (National Wildlife Federation), Austin, TX
                  Kramer, Ken Director (Lone Star Chapter, Sierra
                         Club), Austin, TX
                  MacLeod, Mark Director, Special Projects
                         (Environmental Defense), Austin, TX
                  Millikin, Jay County Commissioner (County
                         Commissioners Court), New Braunfels, TX
                  Ness, Myron Counsel (National Wildlife Federation),
                         Austin, TX
                  Pedersen, Craig Executive Administrator (TX Water
                         Development Board), Austin, TX
                  Simon, Haskell (TX Rice Producers Legislative), Bay
                         City, TX
                  Smith, James State Director (Texas Farm Bureau),
                         Beaumont, TX
                  Williams, C.E. General Manager (Panhandle
                         Groundwater District), White Deer, TX

   Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Brown, Jim General Manager (Upper Guadalupe River
                         Authority), Kerrville, TX
                  Miksa, Mary Sr VP Governmental Affairs (Texas Assoc.
                         of Business & Chamber of Commerce), Austin,
                  Stevens, Steve Consultant (Mesa Water, Inc.),
                         Dallas, TX
       Against:   Batty, Barbara Broker (ERA Realtors
 Sabine Maritime
                         Womens Club
 Texas and Jefferson County
                         Retired Teachers), Port Neches, TX
                  Blake, Tina General Partner (Henderson's Liberty
                         Farms/ Spindletop Ranch), Devers, TX
                  Carnahan, Karen Public Affairs Mgr. (Huntsman
                         Corp.), Port Neches, TX
                  Dabney, Julie Resident (Self), Port Neches, TX
                  Dabney, Julie Director (Nederland Chamber of
                         Commerce), Nederland, TX
                  Edwards, William Rancher-Farmer (Self), Stowell, TX
                  Hallmark, Dan Regional Chairman (Hibernia National
                         Bank), Beaumont, TX
                  Hanna, Mark Capital (Area Boating Trades Assn),
                         Austin, TX
                  Huddleston, Mark Commissioner Pct. #1 (Chambers
                         County), Winnie, TX
                  Landry, Richard Legislative Director (Paper, Allied
                         Industrial, Chemical & Energy), Port Neches,
                  Parsley, David (Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce),
                         Nederland, TX
                  Roche, Kathy Marketing Consultant (Reliant Energy
                         Entex), Beaumont, TX
                  Rozelle, Terry President (Port Neches Chamber)
                  Rutherford, Charles (Self), Port Arthur, TX
                  Rutherford, Verna President (Greater Port Arthur, TX
                         Chamber of Commerce), Port Arthur, TX
                  Weaver, James Security (Trinity Bay Soil and Water
                         Dist.), Winnie, TX
                  Wolfe, Patricia Executive Manager (Groves Texas-
                         Chamber of Commerce), Groves, TX
       On:        Batty Jr., Reginald (Self), Port Neches, TX
                  Miller, Philip County Commissioner Pct #2 (Wharton
                         County), El Campo, TX
                  Reynolds, Mickey County Commissioner (Wharton
                         County), Wharton, TX
                  Sears, Walt General Manager (Northeast Texas
                         Municipal Water District), Hughes Springs, TX

   Providing written testimony:
       For:       Ficher, Jon Sr. VP (Texas Chemical Council), Austin,
       Against:   Neild, Patty President of the Board (Lower Neches
                         Valley Authority), Beaumont, TX
       On:        Suhm, Vic Senior Consultant (North Texas
                         Commission), Irving, TX

April 5, 2001 -  2:00P
       ON:        Brittin, Carolyn Water Coordinator (TNRCC), Austin,
                  Knowles, Tommy Deputy Executive Admenistrator (Texas
                         Water Development Board), Austin, TX
                  McKinney, Larry Sr. Director Aquatics (Texas Parks &
                         Wildlife), Austin, TX
                  Musick, Steve Leader, Groundwater Planning &
                         Assesment (TNRCC), Austin, TX
                  Schwartz, Suzanne General Counsel (Texas Water
                         Development Board), Austin, TX
                  Williams, C.E. General Manager (Panhandle
                         Groundwater District), White Deer, TX