SB 354


Intergovernmental Relations Committee

February 20, 2001 -  9:00A
       FOR:       Stagner, Steve Executive Director (Consulting
                         Engineers Council), Austin, TX
       AGAINST:   Settle, Charles Assistant Director of Public Works
                         (City of Houston), Houston, TX
       ON:        Cosentino, Michael City Attorney (City of Bryan),
                         Bryan, TX
                  Osburn, Tom Mayor of Sherman (Texoma Area Solid
                         Waste Authority), Sherman, TX
                  Sissney, Dale General Manager of TASWA (TX Area
                         Solid Waste Athority), Whitesboro, TX

   Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Norman, Scott General Counsel (Consulting Engineers
                         of TX), Austin, TX
                  Sewell, Jim Vice President (Association of General
                         Contractors), Austin, TX
       On:        Rodriguez, Arturo Attorney (Texoma Area Solid
                         Waste), Austin, TX

February 27, 2001 -  9:00A
       ON:        Schwartz, A.R. Attorney (Galveston Bay Preservation
                         & Conservation Ass.), Austin, TX