SB 1245


Health & Human Services Committee

March 29, 2001 -  9:00A
       FOR:       Lohser, John President and CEO (Christian Care
                         Centers, Inc.), Garland, TX

   Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Bower, Bruce P. Chair (Texas Senior Advocacy
                         Coalition), Austin, TX
                  Ferris, Beth Legislative Representative (Texas
                         Advocates for Nursing Home Residents),
                         Austin, TX
                  Gladden, Wilhelmina Nursing Home Specialist (AARP),
                         Ft. Worth, TX
                  Graves, Tim President (Texas Health Care
                         Association), Austin, TX
                  Hooser, Greg (Self), Austin, TX
                  Latimer, David President (Texas Association of Homes
                         and Services for the Aging), Austin, TX
                  Ramsey, Mike President (Texas Trial Lawyers
                         Association), Austin, TX
                  Speights, Sara Coordinator of Special Projects
                         (Girling Health Care), Austin, TX
                  Tidwell, Harold Board Member (Christian Care
                         Centers, Inc.), Gatesville, TX
                  Vasek, Heather Director of Public Policy (Texas
                         Association for Home Care), Austin, TX
       On:        Bradley, Ruby MHMR Coordinator (Texas Mental Health
                         and Mental Retardation), Austin, TX
                  Clack, Renee Credentialing Department Director
                         (Texas Department of Human Services), Austin,
                  Mitchell, Bettye M. (Texas Department of Protective
                         and Regulatory Services), Austin, TX