SB 1432


Education Committee

April 11, 2001 -  9:00A
       FOR:       Brawner, Chuck Chief of Police (Spring Branch
                         I.S.D.), Katy, TX
                  Cantrell, Mike Dallas County Commissioner (Dallas
                         County), Dallas, TX
                  Carpenter, Bill (Houston I.S.D.), Houston, TX
                  Ott, Jude Patricia Justice of the Peace (Justices of
                         the Peace and Constables Association of
                         Texas), Austin, TX
       ON:        Dawson, Robert Law Professor (Self), Austin, TX

   Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Chavarria, Sandra President and CEO (Communities In
                         Schools, Dallas Inc.), Dallas, TX
                  Collins, Robby Education (Dallas I.S.D.), Dallas, TX
                  Ramos, Joe (Texas Association of School Boards),
                         Austin, TX
                  Williams, John Retired Justice of the Peace
                         (Constable Association of Texas), Corpus
                         Christi, TX
                  Wynn, Jimmy Director of Public Information (Harris
                         County Department of Education), Houston, TX
       On:        Turner, Ryan Attorney (Texas Municipal Courts
                         Education Center), Austin, TX