Appropriations Committee
January 24, 2001-7:00A

    On:       Bell, Dr. Charles (Texas Department of Health)
              Blount, Deborah (Texas Department of Health)
              Bost, Eric (Texas Department of Human Services)
              Boyd, Jeffrey (Office of the Attorney General)
              Cooke, Jason (Texas Health and Human Services
              Gilbert, Don (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Halfmann, Bobby (Texas Department of Human Services)
              Hamilton, Dona (Office of the Attorney General)
              Horne, Edwin (Office of the Attorney General)
              Johnson, Jacqueline Z. (Texas Department of Human
              Rose, Leilani (Texas Department of Health)
              Walton, Joe (Texas Department of Health)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Chatelle, Melody (United Ways of Texas)
              Johnson, Karen (United Ways of Texas)
    On:       Harriss, Bob (Texas Department of Health)
              Wertz, Linda (Health and Human Services Commission)