Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on Criminal Justice)
January 30, 2001-8:00A

    For:      Beardall, Bill (Texas Appleseed)
              LoVol, Annette (Texas Appleseed)
    On:       Aboussie, Marilyn (Courts of Appeals / Third COA)
              Arnot, Bud (Eleventh COA)
              Bailey, Doyne (TABC)
              Barajas, Richard (Eight COA)
              Blalock, Michael (Adjutant General)
              Boyd, John (Seventh COA)
              Carlson, Claire (Adjutant General)
              Cornelius, Chief Justice William (Sixth Court of
              Davis, Rex (Tenth Court of Appeals)
              Hamilton, Gregory (TABC)
              James, Maj. Gen. Daniel (Adjutant Generals Department)
              Julian, Terry (Commission on Jail Standards)
              Keller, Sharon (Court of Criminal Appeals)
              Malcolm, Jerry (Military Facilities Commission)
              Murphy, Paul (Fourteenth Court of Appeals)
              Phillips, Tom (Supreme Court)
              Schneider, Michael (First Court of Appeals)
              Thomas, Linda (Fifth COA)
              Topping, J. Sue (Adjutant General)
              Valdez, Royelio (Thirteenth COA)
              Walker, Ronald (Ninth COA)
              Wells, John (Adjutant General)
              Yarbrough, Randy (TABC)