Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on General Government)
February 1, 2001-7:00A

    For:      Hagert, Celia (self)
    On:       Brown, Bob (Texas Animal Health Commission)
              Combs, Susan (Texas Department of Agriculture)
              Daniels, Jerry (Aircraft Pooling Board)
              Garza, Tony (Railroad Commission)
              Hammond, Bruce (Texas Animal Health Commission)
              Kitchens, Ronald (Railroad Commission of Texas)
              Logan, Linda (Texas Animal Health Commission)
              Matthews, Charles (Railroad Commission)
              McBee, Barry (Governor's Office)
              O'Mahoney, Terry (Texas Workforce Commission)
              Pyka, Kathy (Railroad Commission)
              Rath, Diane (Texas Workforce Commission)
              Reed, Cassie (Texas Workforce Commission)
              Rich, Laurie (State Office of Federal Affairs)
              Templeton, Joe (Texas Animal Health Commission)
              Townsend, Randy (Texas Workforce Commission)
              Tucker, Jerry (Office of Governor)
              Williams, Michael (Railroad Commission)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Bresette, Patrick (self)