Appropriations Committee
March 13, 2001-7:00A

    On:       Avant, Bob (Texas Food and Fibers Commission)
              Bowen, Ray (Texas A&M University)
              Brown, Don (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board)
              Elliott, Roger (Texas Higher Education Coordinating
              Eugster, Konrad (Texas A&M University Veterinary Medical
                   Diagnostic Laboratory)
              Faulkner, Larry (University of Texas at Austin)
              Fehlis, Chester (Texas Agricultural Extension Service)
              Franklin, Charles (University of Texas at Austin)
              Gaston, Jerry (Texas A&M University System)
              Hiler, Edward (Texas A&M University System)
              Hines, Charles (Prairie View A&M University)
              Holmes, Harry (University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer
              Hull, Charles (Texas Forest Service)
              Monroe, Bill (Texas Education Agency)
              Moore, Richard (University of Texas Medical Branch)
              Nelson, Jim (Texas Education Agency)
              Porretto, John (University of Texas Health Science
                   Center at Houston)
              Pritchett, Melanie (Texas Education Agency)
              Segura, Bill (Texas State Technical College)
              Slade, Priscilla (Texas Southern University)
              Smisko, Ann (Texas Education Agency)
              Wisnoski, Joe (Texas Education Agency)