Appropriations Committee
(Subcommittee on Return to Work Interim Charge #5)
April 26, 2002-8:30A

Interim Charge #5, Return to Work
    For:      Clanton, Robert (JR3 Education Associates, LLC)
              Clemons, Robert (JR3 Education Associates, LLC)
              Freeman, Ray (JR3 Education Associates, LLC)
              Payne, Jim (JR3 Education Associates, LLC)
    On:       Beckett, Sheila (Empolyees Retirement System)
              Biles, Susan (Comptroller of Public Accounts)
              Featherston, Pattie (Teacher Retirement System)
              Hale, Karen (Department of Mental Health and Mental
              Hine, Jim (Department of Human Services)
              Johnson, Gary (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)
              Jung, Ronnie (Teacher Retirement System)
              Lehr, Mike (Texas Retired Teachers Association)
              Nail, William "Shack" (Employees Retirement System)