Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
June 28, 2002-10:00A

Drug Trafficking
    For:      Garza, Jaime R. (Self and South Texas Specialized Crimes
                   and Narcotics Task Force)
              Rodriguez, Armando (Chief of Police (Laredo Police
                   Department) Chief Augustin Dovalina III)
              Sanchez, Alberto (Chief of Police Agustin Dovalina III
                   and Laredo Police Department)

    Against:  Graves, Richard W. (Self and Texans Who Care aka Texans
                   Against Gambling)
    On:       Alvidrez, Governor Albert (Ysleta del Sur)
              Bresnen, Steve (Self)
              DeShazo, David (Texas Amusement Association)
              Farren, James A. (District Attorney - Amarillo)
              Fenoglio, Stephen (State VFW Organization and its 350
                   posts, Amusement and Music Operators of Texas & 500
                   Charitable O)
              Garcia, Idolina (Office of the Texas Attorney General)
              McFadden, Steve (City of Lewisville)
              Smires, Berta (Self)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    Against:  Brumley, Scott (Potter County Attorney's Office)

Homeland Security
    For:      Sendejar, Juan A. (Local Emergency Planning Committee of
                   Corpus Christi/ Nueces Co.)
    On:       Bonilla, Jr., Ruben (Port of Corpus Christi Authority)
              Clarke, Neville P. (Center for Countermeasures Against
                   Agricultural Bioterrorism)
              Dozier, Jim (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement)
              Shawver, Don (Self and Texas Commission on Private
              Ward, Thomas (Dallas Police Department)

Identity Theft
    For:      Foley, Jay (Identity Theft Resource Center)
              Foley, Linda (Identity Theft Resource Center)
              Landgraf, Sgt. Martin (San Antonio Police Department
                   Einancial Crimes - Forgery)
              Snow, Jackie E. (Jack) (Dallas Co. District Attorney's
              Wilson, Ronnie D. (Self and Identity Theft Resource
    On:       Brecher, Scott (Self)
              Gloria, Greg J. (Texas Department of Public Safety)
              Pedraza, Ernest (Austin Police Department)
              Sanders, Lt. Tony (Dallas Police Department)
              Shawver, Don (Self and Texas Commission on Private
              Sheppard, Lisa (Texas Department of Public Safety)

Reporting of Sexual Assaults
    On:       Busch, Noel (School of Social Work, University of Texas
                   at Austin)
              Lippincott, Chris (Texas Association Against Sexual
              Steinocher, Catrina (Family Violence and Sexual Assault
                   Prevention Center of South Texas, The Women's
                   Shelter, Inc.)