Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
August 23, 2002-10:00A

    For:      Denson, Gary (Self)
              Deshazo, David (Self)
              Merritt, Rick (Self and Citizens for Fair Amusement)
              Warner, Michael (Texas Amusement Association)
    Against:  Brumley, Scott (Potter County Attorney's Office)
              Letson, Sonya (Self and Potter County Attorney's Office)
              Ware, Weston (Texas Against Gambling and Texas Baptist
                   Christian Life Commission)
    On:       Fenoglio, Stephen (AMOT)
              Lewis, Bill (Office of the Attorney General)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Doegey, Jay (Self and City of Arlington)
              McFadden, Steve (Self and Police Chief -Lewisville
                   Police and City of Lewisville)

Homeland Security
    On:       Aziz, Sahar (ACLU of Texas, LULAC, Muslim Legal Fund of
              Harrell, Will (ACLU of Texas, LULAC, MLFA)
              Inman, USN (ret.), Admiral Bobby R. (Self)
              Leon, Carlos (El Paso Police Department)
              Mehta, Sonali (ACLU of Texas, LULAC, and MLFA)

Identity Theft
    For:      Brecher, Scott (ITRC)
              Lucas, Lyndel (Self and Identity Theft Resource Center)
              Wilson, Ronnie (Self and Identity Theft Resource Center)
    On:       Ard, Aaron (Self and Texas Department of Public Safety)
              Chavez, Ester (Office of the Attorney General)
              De La Garza, John (Bank of America, Texas Bankers
              James, Randall S. (Texas Department of Banking)
              Neeley, Karen (Independent Bankers Association of Texas)
              Pettijohn, Leslie L. (Consumer Credit Commissioner)
              Schneider, Rob (Consumers Union)
              Sullivan, Sandra (Frost National Bank)
              Swanson, Mary (Self)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Adams, Gerald (Self)

International Drug Trafficking
    On:       Brubaker, James W. (Texas Department of Public Safety)
              Henson, Scott (ACLU and LULAC)

Reporting of Sexual Assaults
    On:       Busch, Ph.D., Noel Bridget (University of Texas at
                   Austin and TAASA)
              Lippincott, Chris (Texas Association Against Sexual
              McGauley, Diane (Office of the Attorney General)
              Mitchum, Leona (Self)
              Sanchez, Ellen (SafePlace: Sexual Assault and Domestic
                   Violence Survivor Center)

    On:       Harrell, Will (ACLU of Texas, LULAC, MLFA)