Energy Resources Committee
March 28, 2001-8:00A

HB 2277 Committee Substitute (Ron Lewis)
    For:      King, Robert J. (Texas Energy Services Coalition)

HB 2278 Committee Substitute (Bill Carter)
    For:      King, Robert J. (Texas Energy Services Coalition)

HB 2806
    For:      Biedrzycki, Carol (Texas Ratepayers Organization to Save
                   Energy (Texas ROSE))
              Briesemeister, Janee (Consumers Union)
              Carroll, Neish A. (Randall Chapman / Texas Legal
                   Services Center)
              Rodriguez, Stella (Texas Association of Community Action
              Summers, Glenn (E.O.A.C.)

HB 2845
    For:      Kapner, Mark (Austin Energy / City of Austin)
              King, Robert J. (Methanex Corporationn)
              Pond, George F. (Self)
              Sibley, Jeff (Texas Energy Alliance)
    On:       Matthews, Jerry (Texas Energy Coordination Council)
              Taylor, Dub (Comptroller of Public Accounts / State
                   Energy Conservation Office)

HB 3348
    For:      Seely, Charlie (Self and Texas Alliance of Energy
              Stevens, Bill (Texas Alliance of Energy Producers)

HB 3415 Committee Substitute (Bill Carter)
    For:      Bean, John (Energy Developments Inc.)
              Ferguson, Jeff (Reliant Energy Renewables)
              Smothers, W.C. "Dub" (Self)