Environmental Regulation Committee
May 1, 2001-2:00P

SB 5
    For:      Balfour, David (Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce)
              Beatty, George (Greater Houston Partnership)
              Berger, Pamela (City of Houston)
              Cooke, Gregg (Environmental Protection Agency)
              Gibbs, Gary (Association of Electric Companies of Tx.)
              Gilley, Kyle (Lennox International, ARI)
              Halstead, Donna D. (Dallas Citizen's Council (501 C-6
              Harris, Ron (Tx Clean Air Working Group)
              Husted, Amy (Texas Waterway Operators Association)
              Johnson, Rod (ASARCO / Texas Industries)
              Lee, Donald (Texas Conference of Urban Counties)
              Miksa, Mary (Texas Assoc. of Business & Chambers of
              Moore, Jim (Transtar Energy Co., Texas Campaign for
                   Clean Transportation)
              Myers, Michael (Self and Ecotective Solutions /
                   Sustainable Living Alliance)
              Smith, Tom "Smitty" (Public Citizen)
              Suhm, Vic (Self and North Texas Commission)
              Tredway, Ellen (Texas Automobile Dealers Association)
              Webb, Bill (Texas Motor Transportation Association)
    Against:  Bensabat, Andrew (La Quinta Inns, Inc.)
              Dana, Gregory (Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers)
              Joslove, Scott (Texas Hotel & Motel Association)
              Riddering, Hannah (Self and Austin Area Cab Drivers
              Rohde, Geoffrey E. (Self)
              Serff, Paul (Texas Travel Industry Association (TTIA))
    On:       Alva, George (Self)
              Arambula, Tracy L. (Sierra Club, Lone Star Chapter)
              Bruhns, Rudolph H. (Texas Taxicab Association)
              Bryant, Ph.D., P.E., John A. (Energy Systems Laboratory
                   at the Texas Engineering Experiment Station of
                   Texas A&M Univ.)
              Cowan, Richard E. (Self and City Cab Service)
              Eden, Dan (TNRCC)
              Fitzpatrick, Tom (Texas Building Energy Institute)
              Martin, Ed (T.S.I.A Texas State Inspection Association)
              Matthews, Jim (Northeast Texas Air Care)
              Mintz, David (Texas Apartment Association)
              Orf, David (Rush Enterprises)
              Thompson, Tracy (Dallas Fort Worth International

SB 1146
    For:      Arambula, Tracy L. (Lone Star Chapter Sierra Club)