Public Education Committee
March 20, 2001-2:00P

HB 6
    For:      Barrera, Glenda (Self)
              Beasley, Tracy (Self)
              Coffelt, Charlotte (Houston Area Chapter of Americans
                   United for Separation of Church and State)
              Duty, Mary (Self and Texas PTA)
              Hatten III, Archie (Self)
              Hicks, Johnette (E.O.A.C. Waco Charter School)
              Hinojosa, Stella (Self)
              Howard, Donna (Self)
              Lewis, Mark (Self)
              Lomax, Nancy (Parents for Public Schools)
              Molter, Michele (Association of Texas Professional
              Neavel, Richard (The League of Women Voters of Texas)
              O'Sullivan, John (Texas Federation of Teachers)
              Palladina, Rowena (Parents for Public Schools)
              Rendon, M. Esther (Self)
              Rodriguez, Manuel (Parents for Public Schools)
              Rohrer, Eddie (Self)
              Rohrer, Rachel (Self)
              Segrest, John (Self)
              Stone, Jeri (Texas Classroom Teachers Association)
              Wall, Marjorie (Texas State Teachers Association)
    Against:  Petty, Trent (The Town of Westlake, Texas and The
                   Westlake Academy)
              Tatum, Kyev (Texas Hill Country NAACP)
    On:       Cano, Luis (Juan Galaviz Academy)
              Escobar, Felicia (National Coucil of La Raza)
              Grayson, Nancy (Self)
              Martin, Christi (Association of Charter Educators)
              Teran, Frances (Self and Association of Charter
                   Educators and la Escuela de las American Public
                   Charter School)
              Wisnoski, Joe (Texas Education Agency)

HB 108
    For:      Eaton, Holly (Texas Classroom Teachers Association)

HB 972
    For:      Escobar, Felicia (National Council of La Raza)
              Ladner, Matthew (Self)
              Martin, Christi (Association of Charter Educators)
    Against:  Hartman, Eric (Texas Federation of Teachers)
              Wall, Marjorie (Texas State Teachers Association)
    On:       Ressel, Betty (Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts)

HB 1144
    On:       Anderson, David (Texas Education Agency)

HB 2049
    For:      Elfant, Bruce (Self)
              Mills, Amie (Self and American Youthworks Charter

SB 209
    For:      Arick, John (Boys Ranch Independent School District)