Public Education Committee
April 10, 2001-2:00P

HB 379
    For:      Collins, Robby (Dallas ISD)
              Elliot, Andrea (LULAC)
              Pina-Hinojosa, Isabella (Bilingual-ESL Association of
                   the Dallas-Ft. Worth  Metroplex)
              Ramirez, Gonzalo (Carrollton Farmers Branch)
              Reyes, Lico (LULAC District III)
              Salinas, Sylvia (Self and District III

HB 603
    For:      Carpenter, Bill (Houston ISD)
              Hobson, George (Cypress Fairbanks ISD)
              Jackson, Diane (Spring Branch ISD)
    Against:  Jolly, Mike (Self and Amarillo ISD & Round Rock ISD)
              Lavine, Dick (Center for Public Policy Priorities)

HB 604
    For:      Hart, Bob (Lake Travis ISD)
              McCraw, Ken (Lamesa ISD & TX Assn Mid-size Schools)
              Munoz, Dolores (Point Isabel ISD)
              Sandens, W. L. (Carthage ISD)

HB 660
    Against:  Gerstenschlager, Merry Lynn (Self and Texas Eagle Forum)

HB 723
    For:      Hartman, Eric (Texas Federation of Teachers)
              Hollingsworth, Lonnie (TCTA)

HB 933
    For:      Munoz, Dolores (Point Isabel ISD)
    On:       Wisnoski, Joe (Texas Education Agency)

HB 934
    For:      Cantu, Ismael (Santa Maria ISD)

HB 1084
    For:      Dunn, David (Texas Association of School Boards)

HB 1276
    For:      Leyden, Tom (Texas Association of Secondary School
              Reyes, Lico (Self)

HB 1346
    For:      Carbo, Kevin (Mesquite ISD & TASB)
              Hagood, Walt (Frenship ISD)
              Horn, John (Mesquite ISD)
              Thomas, John (Frenship ISD)

HB 1488
    For:      Carpenter, Bill (Houston ISD)
              Hart, Bob (Lake Travis ISD)
              Jocius, Robert (Eanes ISD)

HB 1738
    For:      Janek, Tina (Self and Texas Citizen Action)
    On:       Colbert, Paul (Self)

HB 2060
    For:      Backus, David (Texas Association of School
              Moses, Mike (Dallas ISD)
              Salinas, Sylvia (Self)
    Against:  Gregg, Brock (ATPE)
              Hartman, Eric (TX Fed of Teachers)
              Hollingsworth, Lonnie (TCTA)
              Wall, Marjorie (Texas State Teachers Association)

HB 2201
    For:      Carpenter, Bill (Houston ISD)
              Chavez, Jesus (South Texas Association of Schools &
                   Harlingen CISD)
              Cruz, Paul (Laredo ISD)
              Diaz, Homero (Monte Alto ISD)
              Dunn, David (Texas Association of School Boards)

HB 2564
    For:      Horn, John (Equity Center)
              Pierce, Wayne (Self and Equity Center)

HB 2565
    For:      Clemons, Robert (Rio Brazos Education Cooperative)

HB 2704
    For:      Barrett, Bob (Anahuac ISD)
              Forgione, Pascal (Austin ISD)
              Olivarez, Ruben (San Antonio ISD)

HB 2759
    For:      Jolly, Mike (Round Rock ISD)
              Rigg, Lynne (Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD)
              Spiegel, Lou (Mansfield ISD)

HB 2864
    For:      Hart, Bob (Lake Travis ISD)
              Jones, Tony (Texas Association of Midsize Schools)

HB 2888
    For:      Dunn, David (TASB)
              Jolly, Mike (Self)
              Robert, Jeff (First Southwest Company)
              Sockwell, Keith (Northwest ISD)
              Spiegel, Lou (Mansfield ISD)
              Thompson, David (Texas Association of School
              West, Steve (Allen ISD)

HB 2954
    For:      Grusendorf, Bill (Texas Association of Rural Schools)
              Luke, Charles (Huckabay ISD)

HB 2955
    For:      Barnhart, Linda (Pringle-Morse CISD)
              Leal, Jose (Ramirez Common School District)
              Puster, Robert (Self and Lovejoy ISD)
              Russell, Cindy (Coalition of Small Texas Schools)
              West, Steve (Allen ISD)
              Whitworth, Bill (Matagorda Schools)

HB 3418
    For:      Astin, Jim (Self and Stamford ISD)
              Avila, Bill (Harlandale ISD)
              Chance, Al (Self and Center ISD)
              Dunn, David (Texas Association of School Boards)
              Foster, Craig (Equity Center)
              Grusendorf, Bill (Texas Association of Rural Schools)
              Hernandez, Richard (Harlandale ISD)
              Lee, Bob (Self and Millsap ISD)
              Olivarez, Ruben (San Antonio ISD)
              Procter, Dannah (Lingleville ISD)
              Whiteker, Sandra (Self and Poteet ISD)
    On:       Anderson, David (Texas Education Agency)
              Colbert, Paul (Self)

HB 3513
    For:      Hobson, George (Cypress Fairbanks ISD)
    Against:  Hernandez, Richard (Harlandale ISD)

HB 3525
    For:      Thompson, David (Houston ISD)
    On:       Bonilla, Ray (Equity Center)
              Carpenter, Bill (Houston ISD)

SB 108
    For:      Bruno, Tina (Texans for a Traditional School Year)
              Hollingsworth, Lonnie (TCTA)
    Against:  Dunn, David (TASB)
    On:       Carpenter, Bill (Houston ISD)

SB 1671
    For:      Carpenter, Bill (Houston ISD)