Transportation Committee
May 31, 2002-9:00A

Interim Charge #5
    For:      Parks, Billy (Self)
              Walker, Helen (Alliance for I-69 Texas)
    On:       Behrens, Michael (Texas Department of Transportation)
              Bochner, Brian (Texas Transportation Institute)
              Brown, Tim (Bell County Commissioner)
              Chaumette, Jacqueline Baly (Greater Houston Partnership)
              Dodge, William (Port of Corpus Christi Authority)
              Hennings, Bill (Self)
              Randall, Jim (Texas Department of Transportation)
              Thompson, John P. (Gulf Coast Strategic Highway System
                   and State County Judge & Commissioner's
              Williamson, Ric (Texas Transportation Commission)
              Wilson, Michael (Texas Ports Association)

Rural Public Access
    For:      West, Gaston (Texas Silver Haired Legislature)