Intergovernmental Relations Committee
April 30, 2001 - 8:30A

SB 322
       FOR:       Henneberger, John none listed (TX Low Income Housing
                         Information Service), Austin, TX
                  Langendorf, Jean Project Director (United Cerebral
                         Palsy of TX), Austin, TX
                  Mintz, David Director of Governmental Affairs (TX
                         Apartment Ass.), Austin, TX
                  Ocanas, Reymundo none listed (Community Developer
                         Corporations), Austin, TX
                  Rollins, Sandy Executive Director (TX Tenents'
                         Union), Dallas, TX
                  Schwartz, Jonas Program Specialist (Advocacy
                         Incorporated), Austin, TX
                  Smith, Terral Attorney (El Paso Chamber of
                         Commerce), Austin, TX
                  Talerico, Jeanne TX Ass. of Local Housing (TX Ass.
                         of Local Housing Finance Agencies), Austin,
       AGAINST:   Goleman, R. Kinnan Attorney (Gulf Coast Waste
                         Disposal Authority), Austin, TX
       ON:        Hawkins, John Policy Analyst (Sunset Advisory
                         Commission), Austin, TX
                  Maxwell, Susan Public Policy Specialist (TX Council
                         for Developmental Disabilities), Austin, TX
                  Stiner, Daisy Executive Director (TDHCA), Austin, TX
                  Sugrue, J. Michael Real Estate Investment
                         (Affordable Housing in TX Financial &
                         Investor Coalition), Plano, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Borel, Dennis none listed (Coalition of Texans with
                         Disabilities), Austin, TX
                  Cates, Phil Lobbyist (Granger McDonald), Austin, TX
                  Dunaway, Jim Ass. of Rural Housing Communities (Ass.
                         of Rural Housing Communities-TX), Elgin, TX
                  Garvin, John none listed (TX Affiliation of
                         Affordable Housing), Austin, TX
                  Horton, Colleen none listed (TX Advocates Supporting
                         Kids with Disabilities), Austin, TX
                  Marshall, Susan Policy Analyst (The Arc of TX),
                         Austin, TX
       Against:   Fischer, Bill Apartment Developer (Southwest
                         Housing), Dallas, TX