Intergovernmental Relations Committee
February 26, 2002 - 9:00A

Charge four
       ON:        Click, Mike RN-CEO (TORCH, RACs, our hospital
                         district), Brownfield, TX
                  Garcia, Alejandro (TSA-C), Wichita Falls, TX
                  George, Donna Ph.D, RN (Regional Advisory Councils
                         (HOTRAC) & Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center),
                         Waco, TX
                  Perkins, Kathryn Chief (Bureau of Emergency
                         Management, Tx Dept of Health), Austin, TX
                  Simonson, Robert Chair of NCTTRAC (NCTTRAC),
                         Duncanville, TX

Charge two
       ON:        Anderson, Art (six developed properties in
                         litigation against Dallas Co Flood Control
                         District), Dallas, TX
                  Barker, Stephanie homeowner in Castle Hills (Self),
                         Lewisville, TX
                  Clayton, Mariam homeowner in Castle Hills (Self),
                         Lewisville, TX
                  Copeland, Sharon (Self), Sanger, TX
                  Crawford, Clay Attorney (Denton County FWSD #6, 7, 9
                         & 10), Houston, TX
                  Davis, Connie homeowner in Castle Hills (Self),
                         Lewisville, TX
                  Faulkenstein, William President Frisco MUD #1
                         (Self), Frisco, TX
                  Goodman, Kay (Chain 7 Ranch), Sanger, TX
                  Harberson, Laurie (Self), Bartonville, TX
                  Hawes, Julian (Association of Rural Community
                         Housing), Dallas, TX
                  Henville-Shannon, Bernetta Mayor (The Colony), The
                         Colony, TX
                  Horn, Mary Tax Assessor Collector for Denton County
                         (Self), Denton, TX
                  Leonard, Ken Kaufman County Commissioner (Self),
                         Forney, TX
                  Miller, Emlyn (Self), Forney, TX
                  Morris, James (CAUT), Dallas, TX
                  Parsons, Steve (Self), Dallas, TX
                  Pierce, Jason Manager Contract Services (Upper
                         Trinity Regional Water District), Lewisville,
                  Roberts, Carol CPA (Town of Cross Roads), Aubrey, TX
                  Spencer, Thomas (Self), Shady Shores, TX
                  Strauss, Richard Chairman/CEO (Lantana), Dallas, TX
                  Tedrow, Dick (Self), Denton, TX
                  Wilkinson, Bill Mayor of Double Oak (Self), Double
                         Oak, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       On:        Goodmasn, Bob (Chain 7 Ranch), Sanger, TX
                  Holcomb, Doug Engineer (TNRCC), Austin, TX
                  Stepherson, Angela Senior Attorney (TNRCC), Austin,