Finance Committee
(Subcommittee on Crime Victims Fund)
April 16, 2002 -10:00A

Crime Victim's Fund
       ON:        Baldwin, Howard First Assistant-Attorney General
                         (Office of the Attorney General
 Office of
                         the Attorney General), Austin, TX
                  Cook, Karen Director of Accounting & Finance (Haris
                         County District Clerk Criminal), Houston, TX
                  Dietz, Rod Account Examiner (State Comptroller's
                         Office - Revenue Acct.), Austin, TX
                  Hawkins, Mary Auditor (State Comptroller's Office),
                         Austin, TX
                  Henry, Rene Collections Project Manager (Office of
                         Court Admin.), Austin, TX
                  Lehman, Jim Collections Project Specialist (Office
                         of Court Admin.), Austin, TX
                  Porter, Quentin Municipal Court Director (Texas
                         Municipal League), San Antonio, TX
                  Sturzl, Frank Executive Director (Texas Municipal
                         League), Austin, TX
                  Wessels, Bob Court Manager (County Courts), Houston,