Finance Committee
(Subcommittee on Spaceport Trust Fund)
July 2, 2002 -10:30A

Spaceport Trust Fund
       ON:        Alexandre, Joe Mayor (City of Raymondville),
                         Raymondville, TX
                  Blanchard, Denise District Director (Congressman
                         Solomon Ortiz)
                  Covey, E. Ray Electric Utility (South Texas
                         Spaceport Consortium), Robstown, TX
                  Crutchfield, John President (Harlingen Chamber of
                         Commerce), Harlingen, TX
                  Cyganiewiez, Ed Candidate for State Rep. District 43
                         (Self), South Padre, TX
                  Esquivel, Phil Mayor of Kinsville (Kingsville &
                         South Texas), Kingsville, TX
                  Garcia, Ray UFB/TSC (Self)
                  Looke, Bill Texas Aerospace Commission (Texas
                         Aerospace Commission), Austin, TX
                  Moseley, Joe Engineering Consultant (Willacy County)
                  Niskala, Tom Chamber of Commerce (Corpus Christi
                         Chamber of Commerce), Corpus Christi, TX
                  Pedraza, Kacee Student (Self), Raymondville, TX
                  Ramon, Lisandro Superintentent-Lyford (Willacy
                         County Development Corp. for Spaceport)
                  Rodino, Thomas Consultant w.Shiner Moseley &
                         Associates (Willacy City Development Corp.
                         for Spaceport Facility), Corpus Christi, TX
                  Salinas, Simon Willacy County Judge (Willacy County
                         Development Corporation for Spaceport)
                  Summers, Bill President-Rio Grande Valley
                         Partnership (Spaceport), Alamo, TX
                  Zavala, Nikki Marie Student (Self), Raymondville, TX